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Chicagoland Estate Sale Companies Gather To Network And Share Lunch

In today’s very competitive estate sale world the idea that a group of Chicago area estate sale companies could plan, connect, and sit down to lunch to network and get to know each other better is outstanding and that is exactly what took place yesterday.

To understand how unique this first time lunch was it is important to note that currently Chicago has over 150 estate sale companies. Some have been in business 25 plus years and others less than a year. This was just a portion of the companies operating in and immediately around Chicago.

They shared their knowledge on a variety of topics and they hope to be assisting each other in many ways.

What stands out to your editor is that they wanted to spend time getting to know one another and share their knowledge and experience on a variety of subjects. There are many areas across the United States that are serviced by 100 plus companies service and it has become more than competitive. These companies want to showcase that they are to quote one of the attendees “building a strong network of good well run companies and this is a start here in Chicago”. They hope this is just the first of many networking lunches.

It appears that some other areas of the country are considering following the estate sale companies networking idea in Chicago.

This is great news for perspective estate sale sellers and buyers. Networking and friendship leads to respect and better service for all.

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