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Working With The Elderly It Is Not Just Stuff

It is not just stuff to an older or elderly person. Someone I know was downsizing her 90 year old Mom to move to an assisted living apartment. She had been there 50 years.  With the stress of packing and eliminating what wouldn’t fit in her mother’s new home she spoke of it as just stuff.

It isn’t just stuff to an older person having to downsize. It is a lifetime of memories. Shared with loved ones here and passed. Working with those who have been trained or have years of experience with the elderly is important to prepare them for the moment when delicate decisions must be made.

CRTS and others can teach those estate liquidators how to help ease this heavy task.

Estate sales can sell off much of what cannot go, but it is important to consider a loved ones’ feelings. Stuff implies little or no value. When you are moving out of a long time home many people feel the are leaving treasured lifetime moments.

Choosing words wisely can help assure an elderly or older person that you appreciate the difficulty in deciding what to keep, what to sell or what to donate or give to others.

Estate sale companies trained or very experienced in the eldercare field can be of great assistance helping a family to ease the stress and burden on their loved one. Estate liquidators wear many hats. Consulting with an estate sale company should be done before anything is eliminated or given away to assist families in how they approach the downsizing to assisted living or other care facilities. An estate  liquidator will take a gentle third party approach.

Although professionals and others may call it stuff, when dealing with an owner, that is not a wise word to use. No longer necessary, too large, will you really need it, are just a few samples of things you can say with diplomacy.

Consulting with professional estate sale companies can be of great assistance for families and their loved ones.

Just remember it isn’t just stuff. It’s a lifetime to the owner.

Downsizing or Decluttering And The Many Choices To Be Made

Downsizing or decluttering can make your life simpler. For most of us, this is something we will want or need to do at some point during our life.

It can appear a daunting task. If you know where you are going to move to, or simply want to lighten the amount of items packed away from your basement to your attic, or in closets or cupboards this will help in your decision making process. Making a list of what you want to accomplish is a good place to start.

If there are broken or damaged items they should be the easiest to dispose of.

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Senior Transitions: It Takes A Team – Guest Article by Dayne DuVall. LMT,CAEd, CRTS

CRTS- logoA guest article written by CRTS – Certified Relocation Transition Specialist.

Many people who hire estate sales companies are elders or their families who are downsizing and relocating. Whether it’s making home modifications, moving across town to an independent living community or across the country to an assisted living facility to be close to family, the stress level is usually intense. Enter the Senior Move Specialist. These experts in the Senior Move, Relocation and Transition Industry are equipped with the expertise and contacts in a variety of fields that facilitate this transition with ease.

Consider these decisions (whether you or a family member makes them): do we make home modifications to allow for aging in place in the current home; do we downsize to an apartment in an independent living community; do we choose a CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community); do we move into Assisted Living; when is it time to consider skilled nursing; who will help advise us on living and care alternatives; what legal/financial/medical documents are needed; what do we do with all the accumulated possessions; how do we sell the house; how do we coordinate the move. These and other life-altering decisions must be managed during what is considered by many to be one of the most stressful times in life – late life relocation.

This important life transition is completed through a team approach. Consider this partial list of professionals needed to complete a senior move: real estate agent, estate sale/liquidation company, appraiser, Elder Law attorney, Geriatric Care Manager, Senior housing administrator/move-in coordinator, architect, interior designer, home stager, contractor, professional organizer, physicians and medical support professionals, healthcare facilities and agencies, (short-term care/rehab centers; nursing homes; adult day care; hospice; home care agencies), packers, shippers, and movers. The entire process needs someone to coordinate all of these important services. The Senior Move Specialist or company handles all this with expert advice and experience.

Since the industry is unregulated, it is important to choose the most qualified person or company to provide services and/or refer to other qualified professionals. CRTS – Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist is a select group of professionals that meet national professional standdards and have passed an assessment exam demonstrating their knowledge of core competencies in senior move management, relocation and transition services.

Since 2004, the mission of CRTS is “to establish industry standards for late life home transitions and to further those standards through examination and evaluation of core competencies”. There have been over 1,000 individuals certified since the inception of the CRTS designation.

The franchises of Caring Transitions and Grasons.Co. require their owners to be CRTS. There are many estate sale companies that have CRTS trained staff.

When facing the decisions that accompany senior relocation, it is important to realize that it takes a team.

You can find out more about CRTS by visiting crtscertification.com

Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist -CRTS

CRTS- logo

This article was contributed by CRTS and was written by Erin Kurimay

There comes a time when an elderly person can no longer manage their home or live alone, and the grown children begin to realize that their parents or aging loved ones need to either move to an assisted living residence, or downsize, remodel, and modify the design of the current home to age-in-place.

The aging parents have most likely lived in the home for 30 years or more, and with that have collected a lifetime full of memories and stuff.  Furniture, china, silver, collectibles, family heirlooms, art work precious photo albums, clothing, holiday decorations, the entire contents of the kitchen, medicines, hazardous household chemicals, gasoline cans, the lawn mower, snow thrower………the list goes on.