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1000’s of Books to be sold at estate sale of fine book dealer in Sacramento CA

Books & booksJennie Krausse of EstateSalesHelp.com in Sacramento, CA is conducting an estate sale with 1000’s of books for the estate of Don Conner who was an antique and fine book dealer and collector.  HERE IS A LINK TO THE INTERVIEW done a few years ago with Don Conner for the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America.

Estate Sales News spoke with Jennie Krausse yesterday about the sale. She was a personal friend of Don Conner and had known him for many years. She told Estate Sales News that he had turned every room of his home into a library to hold his 1000’s of books and papers. Jennie called him a scholar, appreciator and a gentleman who taught you something new each and every time he spoke to you.

Originally from Mt. Shasta, CA. Ms. Krausse has been in the estate liquidation business for 28 years. She told us “I was attending law school when I was invited to an auction at a storage facility. It was so interesting and such fun I gave up law school to pursue a career in estate liquidation”. Jennie said “I have two degrees in criminal justice, but I don’t use them unless someone attempts to steal something at an estate sale. The only items I put prices on at my sales are jewelry and case items. Any other items that are for sale I have the buyers put them in a box and bring them to me at the check out table where I sort them and give them a price. Don’s home took some preparation time because he was a bachelor and it was so filled with books, ephemera and household items”. Don had a large fishing book collection which he trusted to UC so that the students could benefit from them. Fish and Game has taken the books that he had trusted from his collection.

CLICK HERE for the link to this sale on EstateSales.net

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