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Estate Sales News – Taglines – Editorial by Carol Madden, Editor

The tagline of a news feature or article can have a huge impact on an entire industry. Especially if you utilize a tagline that begins with “Don’t Waste Your Money:”. It’s an excellent slogan and certainly shows concern for the consumer, but care should be exercised by the words following the colon. 

Recently an Ohio Consumer Reporter for a local television station did a news feature on a man whose mother had passed away and he had to sell the house and it’s contents in a short period of time. The news video was shown on local television and circulated the Internet as a Google Alert entitled “DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY: Estate Sales”. It was also picked up by another local television station.

The report’s focus was aimed at the many people with elderly parents who are moving into nursing homes or passing away.  They need to make decisions quickly and are choosing estate selling services it said. The gentleman he interviewed felt he had been ripped off by a local estate seller. The video with the reporter narrating in the back ground started by showing an auction flag and a brief glimpse of a live auction before the face to face interview with the man who was upset with the amount of proceeds he received from the estate selling service.

They discussed the personal property in the house that had been sold in an online auction lasting several months. The man received 50% of the proceeds of the auction as per the contract he had signed with the estate selling service. The name of the company hired to liquidate the contents was not disclosed (the reporter in emailing to this editor said after investigating that technically the company had done nothing wrong)  and it did not specify whether it was an auction only company or an actual estate sale company. The reporter talked with the owner of the company who said the furniture was outdated and did not bring much. The man who hired this company then went on to say he wished he had taken his time, looked at more options and not hired the first company he found. The report concluded with when you need to sell the contents of your home quickly an estate selling service is probably your best bet but if you feel some things are more valuable or you want a higher price take your time so you don’t waste your money.

Estate Sales has become a generic term in recent years for many ways to liquidate the personal contents of homes as well as the liquidation of some businesses. There are many kinds of liquidation sales including on site auctions, online auctions, consignment auctions, a tag, house or moving sale, and an estate sale. The reporter was correct when he said estate sales are hot. Over 5,000 estate sale companies currently have a listing somewhere on the Internet in the United States. Still most people associate the term estate sales with an on site sale in a home or apartment.

In today’s electronically connected world it is important to consider the ramifications of a tagline such as this when following it with a colon and just the term estate sales.