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What’s Selling At Estate Sales Across the USA

earthEvery area of the United States has items that may or may not be the “hot and what’s not”.

Mid Century Modern seems to be selling just about everywhere at this time. Influencing what is in vogue are reality television shows, especially those that feature renovation and refurnishing. Another influence are magazines showcasing the Mid Century look.

In the last ten years we have seen Victorian furniture popularity flourish and then wane, the same with mahogany furniture from the 1930’s and 1940’s. In many areas of the country it is now referred to simply as brown furniture.

The furniture made between 1900 through the late 1920’s has also seen the same fate.

These trends also apply to household items as well, dishes, glassware, flatware, linens, lighting and even jewelry. It isn’t limited to just furniture. Even art is included although listed artists almost always have buyers.

Styles like hem lines and hair lines come and go and return in the circle of popularity with the generation that is buying for their home.

When selling for an estate or downsizing, the job of the estate sale company is to give you an honest opinion of what you have. If they don’t feel they can be of service look for another estate liquidator that can. Every company chooses their sales on different standards. Some like small sales or challenges, some will only take a sale that will bring in larger financial results. Everything depends on what they require for staffing, advertising, etc.

What sells in middle America may not be selling on the east coast or west coast or in the south. Keep this in mind and when speaking with estate sale companies ask them what the trend is in your community. They want your sale to be a financial success for all parties involved.