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Celebrating July 4th On Estate Sale Monday – Freedom To Create

waving-flagAs we prepare to celebrate our nations’ independence let’s take a look at what has happened during the last decade.

The number of unemployed individuals increased dramatically, however, in many states this created a new and ever increasing number of entrepreneurs that are estate liquidators, online auction companies, and consignment shops to name a few.

Our ability in the United States to take a concept (especially out of necessity) and create a business is unique in all the world.

During this time period as the number of estate sale companies grew it created the need for estate sale listing sites – EstateSales.Net, EstateSale.com, EstateSales.org and Tagsellit.com to name the more well known sites to provide a national place for the 5000 plus estate sale companies that have been created. Think of the number of people who are now working for themselves and have hired staff. With this booming growth many other sideline businesses that were once few and far between or nonexistent have also blossomed including consignment shops, online auction sites, website designers, SEO companies, towns and municipalities that generate revenue from permits, sign makers, life transition specialists (CRTS being one) to an association dedicated to the education and improvement of the estate liquidation industry (American Society of Estate Liquidators), and the list continues mainly from the creation of estate sale companies.

20 plus years ago estate liquidation was done mostly by auction in many areas of the United States, however, estate sale companies now compete with the auction industry and in many instances they now complement each other.

The United States allows those living here to create, generate and pursue careers and professions, following a dream.

As we approach our Independence day let us take a moment to appreciate our founders and the great opportunities that have been provided in the last 238 years since our Declaration was written and read.