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Estate Sale Attic And Basement Finds – Hidden Treasures

If you live in an area where you have an attic, basement or both you could have hidden treasures.

Most people put things away in the attic or basement and then forget about them. We love to store things. Whatever you do, if you are going to have an estate sale don’t throw anything out. What may appear to be of little value could surprise you.

When an estate sale company comes into your home they will look from from attic to basement. Many hidden treasures including vintage and antique toys, vintage clothes, furniture, tools, Christmas ornaments (vintage and new), cologne bottles, cooking utensils, jewelry, christening gowns, and the list is endless. In the attic heat and cold are concerns.

The same applies to the basement. The concerns for basement items is dampness and possibly mold, but each property is different.

Below we are showcasing some attic and basement finds that we found on Pinterest. We thank those who have allowed Estate Sales News to share their finds.

Attic and basement finds.










A recent Google Alert article pointed out that when you attend estate sales as a buyer taking along a flashlight and a magnifying glass can be useful.