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Concerns About The Sale of Ivory for Estate Sale Companies – NJ has Strict Laws

elephant ivoryLast week we discussed federal law with regard to ivory including California and New York. Following federal law each state can decide if they want to restrict the sale and purchase of ivory beyond the current federal restrictions. This information is provided from U.S. Fish and Wildlife. The article is lengthy, but well worth reading. The law in this article states that it will support the number of elephant sport-hunted trophies that an individual can import to two per hunter per year. Here is the link to federal law on ivory.

Estate Sales News continues researching the sale and/or purchase of ivory and we have learned that Gov. Christie of New Jersey signed into a law a ban on all ivory including antique. The link below will take you to this very important article. http://www.northjersey.com/news/christie-signs-ban-on-ivory-sales-purchases-1.1062584

North Carolina is currently considering how their laws should pertain to ivory. Here is a link. Connecticut also is concerned with the sale of ivory, however, we could not find any further restrictions other than federal. Here is the current link to law in Connecticut.

Here is a link to an LA Time article from September 2, 2014 concerning the sale of ivory.

Estate Sales News will continue to update you on ivory and rhino horn as more news and laws become available or or written.