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Estate Sale Companies – Keeping up with trends, news, and competition

Estate Sales News has written in the past about keeping websites fresh, but there is more to be considered.

Keeping up on what’s happening in the estate liquidation business is important too. New websites appear on the Internet every day with new competitors. An estate sale company needs to stay current not just on prices, and trends, but what their competition is doing. The reason is because every time another estate sale company emerges it cuts into their share of the pie (customer base) and that can effect the amount of sales made at a liquidation and also the prices realized at the sale.

Watching how estate sales companies market their sales and where they advertise is also important. Do they use print media as well as the internet. There are several sites available to them to list their estate sales on, i.e. EstateSales.Net, EstateSales.org and EstateSale.com being the most well widely recognized estate sale listing sites. Do they post photos on the Internet other than on their own website.

It is important to note that if a website is not well or fully optimized for search engines, particularly Google, the website may not be seen and the choice to not list photos on major websites that are visible to search engines can impede the results of the sale.

When you are interviewing estate sale companies, ask to see their advertising and list where they post their sales. Ideally an estate liquidator should use all sources available to them to reach a maximum audience. It’s in the seller’s best interest as well as the estate sale company’s best interest to obtain the largest audience possible for the best financial result for all parties.