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Looking for an estate sale company – do your research so no regrets

Estate Sales News tries to research to every extent possible the companies whose sales we feature as newsworthy.

As a perspective seller if you are reading this article you should also be using the internet to research for reviews or complaints on the estate sale liquidators you are considering hiring.

Google, Yellow Pages, Merchant Circle, BBB (Better Business Bureau) Yahoo, ripoffreport and more will usually show you reviews good or bad. Google use to let gmail account holders post a review, however, they did not allow a rebuttal, however, Google now allows for rebuttals, so a person or company can respond especially to a complaint. Like any business, not all complaints are the fault of the company. Some are because of misunderstandings, unrealistic expectations, or just because you cannot satisfy some people.

It is important, however, that if you find complaints with certain websites, especially like the BBB that you make a call and inquire about the rating given and why.

Most of the estate sale companies are reputable professionals making a living, however, like any other business their can be a few unscrupulous people that should not be in business. It is part of your obligation to conduct your do diligence on the Internet before you sign a contract with a company. Not a 100% guarantee, but most likely peace of mind and a successful sale and good relationship with the estate sale company you chose.