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Estate Sale Contract Cancellation Can Be Costly

contract requirementsEstate sale companies have contracts for protection of sellers and themselves.

Along with the date of the contract, dates of the sale and location and cost to the seller, most estate sale contracts include a cancellation clause.

Estate Sale companies put in a lot of time researching, writing and placing ads in print media and the internet, utilizing social media, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Social media can be very time consuming and very beneficial to bring in buyers. An estate sale company puts your sale on the calendar and may turn away other business to conduct your sale.

They also have costs involving staff before the sale including staging and pricing.

When a seller decides to cancel a contract after the process has begun, like any type of business costs have been incurred and a fee is usually do. Each estate sale company sets their own policy and fee, but it is not unreasonable to charge a seller. Many estate sale companies now take legal action to enforce this clause especially if they lost other business.  It is a contract and agreement for performance from both parties.

If you have any doubts about an estate liquidator, don’t sign the contract until the doubts are resolved or you decide on another company.

Just as an estate sale is a financial transaction for you, it is business for the estate liquidator.