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Waiting To Enter An Estate Sale

lining upToday in several towns and cities across America people will be lining up for entrance into an estate sale.

Several different systems are used, a sign-up sheet, numbers, arrival time at the front door, but one consideration that is starting to show up in a few places is providing hot coffee and some pastries.

Food trucks are certainly showing up in California and in other areas of the nation and it’s a good advertising tool for estate sale companies and the food trucks. When you have a line of 50 or more people waiting to enter an estate liquidation, especially if they pulled an all nighter, they are ready for that first hot cup of coffee and.

If you are attending a sale today or this weekend remember your estate sale etiquette. Courtesy, no shoving or screaming, no foul language, and above all remember that you should behave the same way you would in a department store. Have questions, ask politely, need help speak up, but with care and if you are looking for a discount ask if they will. Each company operates differently and like anyone estate sale liquidators and their staff can become tired and irritable and you do your best when they are in a good frame of mind. Please and thank you are also appreciated.