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Estate Sales Saturday, First Day, Second Day, Or Last Day

Today, Saturday, February 6, 2016 is another day of estate sales. Some are beginning, some are in the second or third day, and others are on the last day.

What does that mean for you buyers?

Well if it isn’t the first day it is an excellent time to return to those estate sales you visited earlier this week or perhaps haven’t visited. In many cases if the estate sale company is past the first day they may be reducing prices on some items, perhaps all. Each estate liquidator determines their own reduction policy.

Several liquidators even post their reduction policies so you are aware that no reductions will be made on day one, or that there maybe some items that will have a minimal reduction during the sale. Much of this is determined prior to the estate sale and is a decision that was reached between the liquidator and the seller(s)

If you upcycle or repurpose this is an excellent opportunity to find those items that may be reinvented.

You still have time to find that special or unique gift for next Sunday, February 14th for Valentines Day.

Happy saling this weekend and please let the estate sale companies know you read EstateSalesNews.com. Your source for estate sale information and news.

Vintage Shoes & Foot Items – Look For Them At Estate Sales

For the first Thursday of 2016 we remember when Saddle Shoes were the popular choice for children’s shoes and a Brannock Company measuring device was used by the shoe store salesman to determine what size was required. We also came across this brief video of an old shoe stretcher that was purchased at an estate sale.

Be sure to look for these and other great vintage shoe and foot items at estate sales.


Estate Sale Finds – Antique, Vintage, Or Retro – What’s The Difference?

Three terms that are in wide use today, but it is important as a buyer and seller to understand them. We have provided very basic definitions.

An antique is usually described as an item that was made at least (some areas of the country may have a slightly different time period) 100 years ago. It could apply to furniture, art, or a decorative object.

Vintage used to a term referring to the age of wine, however, the term is now used by antique dealers, collectors, resellers, and estate sale companies to describe items made approximately 50 or more years old. The age definition of vintage depends on who you speak with.

According to Polly Bland of Paulie Antiques  “retro is simply anything that looks out of style for the current time period”. Retro items are usually less than 40 years old. Today they may even be new, but with a look from an earlier time period.

Here are a few examples of each.




Estate Sale ThrowBack Thursday – Vintage Pin Ball Machines

Vintage pin ball machines are being sold this Friday and Saturday, February 13 and 14 at San Antonio, TX by A Reliquarium. Pin ball machines have been popular all during the 20th century. A ThrowBack to the last century.

1pin ball machines

Gesso and Ormolu Decoration – Estate Sale & Auction Finds to look for

When shopping at estate sales or auctions you often come across items that attract you, but you have no idea what they are.

Let’s take a look at two forms of decoration.

Gesso is a white paint mixture made up of chalk, gypsum, a binder and some pigment.

It has been used for over a century and originally was called Italian gesso. The original binder material was glue made from rabbit skin. The color of the gesso was usually white or off white. It could be applied and manipulated much the same as cake frosting and then would harden.

Gesso is often gilded or painted. As it ages, it becomes fragile. You will find some articles with gesso that may have cracks. If a piece of gesso comes off (depending on how it breaks) you may be able to glue it back on or find a restorer. Today you can even find jars of gesso being sold for repair or added decoration.

Here is an excellent example of a mirror with gilt gesso that will be in an upcoming auction.

mirror with gesso decorationOrmolu is a French word for ground or pounded gold.

Originally the process known as mercury gilding or fire gilding involved a solution of nitrate mercury that could be applied to bronze, copper, or brass.

No true ormolu has been produced in France since 1830 because of a law that was to stop the danger of using mercury. Prior to this law the average gilder did not live beyond the age of 40. Other methods came into use including electroplating. A later substitute called Pomponne came into use with a mixture of copper and zinc and sometimes tin.

Craftsman apply ormolu for decorative mountings. It can be found on furniture, porcelain, lighting, and clocks.

Here is an example of a double inkwell in with ormolu frame and ornamentation from an estate sale.

double inkwell in ormolu frame

Shopping at estate sales and auctions presents many opportunities to find old world style craftsmanship. Keep your eyes open.

Guest Article From Lela Of Trash Find Redesigned – Why Buy At Estate Sales

10505188_661676120592763_2462403117424468603_oEstate Sales News is happy to have a guest article by Lela, Trash Find Redesigned, a New Jersey Mom and estate sale chaser who has found a way to bring her love of estate sales and what can be found and done with the items at estate liquidations.

Here is an introduction from Lela.

“Hello, my name is Lela. I am happy to admit… I am totally hooked on Estate Sales. I have a fabulous husband, 3 awesome kids, one beautiful daughter-in-law, and 2 adorable grand-pups. I am on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and my own website all of which are called Trash Find Redesigned.

Estate Sales are fabulous places to find unique and interesting items. I really enjoy finding items with potential and creating something special with them. I don’t do this for profit. I really do it in hopes that my family, friends, and others will enjoy. Wait, who am I kidding… I do it so that I can enjoy!

Two summers ago, two of my bigger finds were featured on ABC’s Good Morning America! Lara Spencer (also host of Flea Market Flip) transformed my $10 Estate Sale vanity into a treasure along with a vintage Amish bench that I also found.

My husband and I had hosted an outdoor engagement party for my son and his fiance two years ago. Most of the items that I used were bought at estate sales which I had transformed into something special for the party. Many people had asked where I got all of the vintage pieces. When I told them estate sales, they were totally intrigued.

As I sit here on my couch, I count 44 items that were all finds from various Estate Sales. To name a few: a vintage iron, farmhouse windows, Mason jars, vintage glass door knobs, an antique chalkboard, a wrought iron parlor chair, a wooden toolbox, and so on and so forth.

I myself am a lover of vintage items, but Estate Sales can have everything from brand spankin’ new to barely used to modern, vintage, collectable, or antique.

If you’re new to shopping at Estate Sales, I would suggest spending a day trying to visit a few different ones. Map out your choices, leave early with coffee in hand, and head out for a fun day of shopping like you’ve never shopped before. Oh, don’t forget to pack a lunch, drinks, and snacks. You won’t want to stop once you get started. I also pack an ESS KIT. I never leave home without it… you’ll have to visit my website to see what an ESS KIT is.

So my son tells me he is moving to a larger apartment next month and desperately needs furniture. Hmm, wonder where I can get a great deal on some pieces of furniture. My mission for the next several weeks, if I choose to accept it – bedroom furniture, a kitchen table, coffee table, a couch and some knick knacks. What fun, wish me luck!



TV Shows – Estate Sale Finds – Prop Warehouse Warner Bros.

Last week Estate Sales News was in southern California.

In June we visited the prop warehouse at Universal Studios. On Monday last week we visited the prop warehouse of Warner Bros. Studios. We put together a slide show of our photograph many where they store props used on various television shows and some purchased through estate sales. Television shows do not necessarily have to use what may be in the prop warehouse where they are shooting the TV show. The studios in Hollywood rent out their sound stages to almost anyone so you could be filming a CBS show at a studio not necessarily affiliated with CBS.

Today many sitcoms are featuring retro looks, i.e. lighting, furniture, appliances, etc. and if one prop warehouse at a studio doesn’t have it another one might.

The next time you are in an estate sale or tag sale take a good look around. You never know where you may see some of those treasures next.