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Estate Sales Friday Time To Shop And Save

Estate sales Friday has arrived and time to shop and save.

A sampling of estate sales you can visit this weekend. Our featured image is from the Reisterstown, MD sale.

Reisterstown, MD Click Here

Calabasas, CA Click Here

Tarboro, NC Click Here

Here are a few photos to look at what’s for sale.




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Estate Sale Friday For Labor Day Weekend – A Happy Buyer

Estate Sales News wishes you all a happy Labor Day weekend. Whether you’re heading to an estate sale, friends, or family please drive with care and arrive safely.

We want to share a photo of a happy buyer exiting an estate sale in Los Angeles from Again L.A. Estate Sales. You can find them on EstateSales.Net, EstateSales.org and Facebook. We visited with them last year at one of their fabulous sales in Los Angeles, CA.

Estate Sales News will be enjoying the Labor Day weekend and we’ll be back on Tuesday, September 2nd.

If it’s Friday, it’s estate sales.

Happy Buyer

Estate Sale Friday

No matter where you are it’s time to shop at an estate sale. Save $$$$, go green, and find a treasure.


Estate Sale Friday – Here’s Some Of The Estate Sales This Weekend

Estate Sale signFriday is usually the first day for estate sales. Estate Sales News presents a sampling of some of the estate sales across the United States. There are thousands.




Valley Estate Sale Company – Paradise Valley AZ Starts – Paradise Valley Estate Sale


Crown City Estate Sales – Long Beach, CA – Time Capsule Estate Sale, Antiques

South Hills Estate Sales – Hacienda Heights – 100 Years of Antiques 800 Pieces of Blue Willow


Full House Liquidation – Oldsmar, Fl – The Elegant and Extremely Packed Extate of Evelyn Becker

Sharon L. Hardiosn & Assoc. Estate Liquidations – Estate of 40 Year Collector Tons of Sterling


Chicgao metro area – so many sales here is a link to the page with them all

New Jersey

Magnusson Estate Sales – Upper Saddle River, NJ – Busting with artwork, porcelain and sterling

Mary Wood Estate Sales – Montclair, NJ – Mary Wood House and Estate Sales


Prestige Estate Services – Colonial Heights, VA – Vintage Goodies, Albums and a new car


Estate Sale Friday – Buyers Obligations On Purchases

Estate Sale signJust as estate sale companies and sellers have a contract, a buyer does as well – your receipt for any purchases you make at an estate sale.

When you arrive at the sale see if they have a number or list system in place. You want to assure your entry place if they have some type of crowd control/entry system in place.

Next, take a look around for any signs posted – No Purses, No Large Purses, All Sale Final, All Sales As Is, No Returns, No Checks, etc.

When the sale begins and you enter again take a brief look around for any additional information posted. If you have any questions find the estate sale company owner, manager, or staff member and ask any questions quickly so you and they can return to business.

If you make a purchase of anything you are concerned about ask the owner/manager what the company policy is. Most times all sales are as is and final. Remember you are buying at an estate sale, not a retailer. 90% have a no return policy. Hopefully it will be printed on the receipt you receive for your purchase, however, many may not, but if the signs are posted in public sight that mean “as is” and “no returns”.

It is your obligation as a buyer to determine whether you will take the chance on the purchase you make or not. The exception is if an electronic item is said to be in working order. If the estate sale company says it has tested and works make sure they include that on your receipt. That protects you, however, that does not mean that several weeks later you can return the item. When you get it home try it out. If it still works – ” you bought it “.

Estate Sales offer great opportunities.

Next week we are visiting Port Charlotte, Fl. for a fabulous upcoming sale of jewelry.

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Estate Sale Friday – What, Where, How, When

Estate Sale signToday is the beginning of most estate sales across the country. Some started yesterday and some will start tomorrow.

When preparing to go shopping be prepared. Print out the sales you want to attend or have them on your smart phone. Have a GPS or maps done to send you on your way. Know whether the estate sale companies you visit take cash, credit or checks.

If you are an estate sale company by now advertising is done (print, social media, and internet) everything in the property has been staged and priced. Your staff is ready, permits are on hand if necessary, bags, boxes, and paper for wrapping are in place and you are counting down to the opening of the door. Your entrance system is also in place (number system, list, etc. or nothing just as you come).

Hopefully if you have sellers or heirs they are prepared to let the estate sale professionals they hired do their job.

If you haven’t already decided what or where to go check out EstateSales.NET, EstateSales.org, Estatesale.com or the newer site Tagsellit.com

Whatever you decide, have fun, use estate sale etiquette and shop and save.

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Estate Sale Friday – Ready, Set, Go – Tips To Help

It’s the end of the first week of March, spring is coming and the estate sale calendar is filled.

Just take at look at the various estate sale listing sites and they are filled with liquidation sales across the country.

Many of you are all ready on the road in the east this morning heading to your first estate sale stop.

Hopefully you have a print out of the sales your going to, a GPS with you (hopefully you input your target addresses before leaving your home), boxes and packing materials for the purchases you carry back, and of course, cash, check or credit cards and make sure you have some ID with you if they accept a check.

The estate sale companies have been hard at work getting ready for you so today go out and find those treasures, bargains, and estate sale finds.

Estate Sale Friday And Super Bowl Weekend

football score boardThe last Friday in January and hundreds of estate sales begin today. Many estate sale companies are concerned about the impact of Super Bowl weekend.

The Super Bowl doesn’t take place until Sunday. Yes, for many Americans it has become an all day party day, but for many other Americans the daytime part of Sunday will be like any other Sunday. There will be people attending church services, others grocery shopping, catching up on something as simple as laundry and for those that attend estate sales if there is a sale in their area they will attend. Sunday estate sales tend to open a little later in the morning and close a little earlier in the afternoon.

If you are conducting an estate sale this weekend this was an opportunity to utilize the “keyword” Super Bowl in your newspaper, internet, and social media advertising. Keywords especially on the internet attract search engines. For example an internet ad could say “watch the Super Bowl on the 42 inch flat screen TV that you can buy at our estate sale Friday”.

Being innovative when competing for attention whether it is a big event, competitor, or weather is key for the professional liquidator.