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Estate Sales Good News- Two Stories For This Wednesday

The story is from Jan Hoff, Family Affair Estate Sales, LLC, St. Louis, MO.

“We don’t always know them by name. We call them our regulars. Large group of good, kind people. One of our favorites baked goodies every sale. I bring her flowers on her birthday and have them for a Christmas lunch. Love so many of our customers and consider them friends. People make the world go round.”

So many estate sale companies have similar stories. Clients that bring them unexpected gifts, buyers that go out of their way to appreciate the estate liquidators conducting the sale.

Here is another good story from Charlene Harkabus Macias, Timesavers Estate Sales, Aurora, IL

I need you to know how grateful I am for your existence in my life. That you and your team were able to help me downsize my family home in Lincoln Park after my wife went into assisted living with Alzheimer’s will be something I’ll never forget. You were able to help me organize and price 30 years of accumulated personal history, your team was able to get it all sold and out of my home allowing me to move to a new apartment.

It was a sad irony that my dear sister passed away during July, just before you were doing my estate sale. When my sister’s family asked for help in finding someone to do an estate sale of her belongings I was thrilled to recommend you. And you did it again! My sister’s home was a real challenge, but again you and your team rose to the occasion and got the job done in record time. What my nieces were going to put into dumpsters netted them thousands of dollars. The house was emptied quickly and put on the market. Charlene you know your stuff and I will continue to recommend you to all. With sincere gratitude, Lino A. Darchun, Realtor.

Our thanks to Jan Hoff and Charlene Harkabus Macias for sharing good news stories.

Estate Sales Good News – Estate Sale Clients, Customers & Estate Sale Companies

estate sales good newsSo many times in all walks of life we hear the “bad” news on radio, television, and in print. Estate Sales News has reported on estate liquidators making the bad news on television and print. For the next few weeks, one day a week (and the day is subject to change weekly) we want to share what clients and customers are saying about many estate sale companies. We start today. Neither the estate sale company featured here or the clients were compensated. We do not endorse any contributor. We are sharing their good news with you.

“Our home recently sold and we were faced with having to move after 24 years in a months time. This allowed very little time to find a place to live not to mention clear a 5000 sq. ft. home of all its belongings.

We found Platinum Estate Sales of Distinction to be the perfect solution to this overwhelming task. I have to admit that when we met with Jeanette the owner and she told us they have a solid history of selling 95% of contents we were a bit skeptical.

Well….. we were pleasantly surprised, because they did exactly that.

In addition we had to do nothing. Jeanette and her staff came in and handled everything from set up, sale, and delivery of the items purchased seeing they went out the door without damage to our home. Jeanette had the home very well staffed during the sale to protect the home and contents. We had several neighbors drop by the sale that have plans of downsizing to see what kind of company draws this many people to a estate sale. We would recommend this company to anyone downsizing or needing to clear a home.”

Hoste Family, Barrington Hills, IL

Donated by Jeanette McBeth, Platinum Estate Sales of Distinction, LLC, Cary IL.

Each estate sale is different and so is each estate sale company. Some Good News on Tuesday.