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Estate Sale Issues – Smoker, Untrusting Client, Owner Living In Home

estate sale informationThe estate sale business is continually evolving with the huge growth the industry has experienced. Here are a few issues facing estate liquidators and their clients currently.

When you are asked to conduct a sale in a home where the person or couple smoked this is very challenging. First because of the smokey smell when a buyer walks through the door. Any clothes, linens, upholstered furniture or draperies will also have the smell. In most cases the estate liquidator will sell these items with the smoke smell factored into the price. Clothing, linens, and draperies can be cleaned usually and aired out, however, upholstered furniture is questionable. It can be professionally cleaned, but whether the smell will disappear is unsure.

Glass, china, wood furniture, laminate tops etc. will often be somewhat or in extreme cases very yellow. Depending on the value and time required many estate liquidators will clean or wash these to remove the yellow color and sticky feel. Even chandeliers can be affected. It should be noted that if the client is a smoker they probably will not see or smell it and it requires diplomacy and finesse on the initial consultation by the estate liquidator.

Working with an untrusting client depends on when the distrust began. If the client seems distrusting after the phone interview and face to face interview an estate sale company may choose not to work with a client that exhibits this trait. A distrusting client can make staging, conducting, and settling up after the sale a very uncomfortable situation for all parties involved.

If a client is still living in the home depending on the relationship with the estate liquidator it can be a smooth or difficult process. What will take place during staging, pricing, and conducting the sale should be thoroughly discussed during the initial consultation. It may be necessary to make some changes in the contract or additions on the addendum for both parties. Explaining to the client about setting up the sale, the prices they will be see is important to keeping the relationship on a good working level with cooperation from both sides.