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Estate Sale Listing Websites and Information

Estate Sales NewsIn today’s booming world of estate sales, not only are the number of estate sale companies growing, but so are the number of estate sale company listing websites and what they offer.

What started years ago as a company featuring estate sale companies and their sales has now increased to many estate sale listing websites offering everything from liquidation companies, maps  or route guides to get you to sales, information about estate sales, how to choose an estate liquidation company and the latest website even offers estate/probate lawyers and probate Realtors as well as estate sale companies.

Estate sale companies have always offered information on how to have an estate sale. It is their marketing tool to have you call them and some have even written books on estate liquidation. Most estate sale company websites provide you with information about estate sales to encourage you to choose them over their competitors.

If you are using estate sale listing websites for your information consider how they obtained their information on estate sales. Was it from a generic source and rewritten by a media person, do they have anyone on their staff that was or is an experienced estate liquidator? If you call any estate sale listing websites for assistance ask the individual you speak with if they have any actual estate sale experience. Make sure you get experienced, knowledgeable, and accurate information.

Being a buyer at an estate sale does not provide you with all you need to know to be a knowledgeable and successful estate liquidator. It helps you to be a good buyer or picker.

Actually running the estate liquidation is very involved and there is a lot of work that goes on before the estate sale begins. It is one of the main reasons Estate Sales News recommends that those wanting to be in the estate sale business should spend time apprenticing with an estate sale company with a good reputation and knowledge of the estate liquidation process from interviewing, knowledge of federal, state, and local community regulations, contracts, crowd control, staging, researching, pricing, negotiating, to final payout and clean out. You also need experience dealing with sellers (families or heirs)  or those that are extremely stressed or in grief and buyers who do not understand the estate sale etiquette that we have written about several times here.

Many companies encourage you (either sellers or buyers) to call them if you encounter issues with an estate sale company.  It is always helpful to let them know if an estate sale company is not being reputable, but remember that the main thing they can do is remove them from their website. Getting in touch with the Better Business Bureau, local authorities, posting realistic reviews, and if necessary seeking legal advice from an attorney is always the best course.

In today’s burgeoning estate sale industry with so much advice out there be sure you understand where it comes from. Perspective sellers should want to be informed and knowledgeable to enable them to make wise decisions and sellers you need to do your own due diligence. Don’t just rely on one source. There are no 100% guarantees when you hire an estate sale company, but with so many exceptional, reputable, experienced liquidation companies out there you are the best choice to choose the one that should work for you. Sellers, you will be the one interacting with the estate liquidator and entrusting the personal property to them and the resulting financial results.

At Estate Sales News we are pleased to have assisted estate sale listing websites with tips on estate sales.  Estate Sales News does not list sales. You can learn about estate sales here, how to find estate sale companies, information about the liquidation process, interviewing estate sale liquidators, what to look for and expect from an estate sale company, interviewing them, and a wealth of other important and valuable information including estate sale contracts.  We report on estate sales, estate sale company’s good and sometimes not so good behavior and news worthy estate sales. We travel across the country as well as conduct telephone interviews to bring you needed information. What we offer you is 25 years of estate liquidation experience having owned and run an estate sale company. We welcome your comments and questions.