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Estate Sale Companies Are Increasing – So Are Issues With Growth

Estate Sales News reported last week on the continuously increasing number of estate sale listing sites and the off shoot businesses associated with this growing industry. All of these businesses encourage creative and innovative individuals to establish new estate sale companies. As with any exploding growth industry come growing pains. This also applies to the estate sale industry.

Encouraging entrepreneurship is what has made this country great, however, it brings with it the issues associated with an ever enlarging industry.

For example in 2007 there were 7 estate sale companies listed on the only estate sale listing network site in the country in northern New Jersey. Today the number of estate liquidators  exceeds 100 companies. With such rapid growth come expansion problems and these affect sellers, buyers, established estate liquidators, and new estate sale companies.

Some estate sale start up businesses see the estate liquidation business as non-complex, but in fact it is the exact opposite. Estate Sale Companies require those owning and operating an estate sale business to have experience and knowledge of personal property, crowd control, pricing, staging, coping with difficult situations (buyers and sellers), the ability to sell, marketing and social media skills,  estate sale contracts that protect all parties, clean outs, and theft protection to name some of the more important skills. It also requires a commitment of time and plenty of energy.

Estate Sales News has recently been contacted by several start up companies asking questions from advertising to what to charge as a commission on various items.

If you are going to start an estate sale business it is best to have apprenticed with a reputable estate liquidator first to learn the basics including much of the above. You can educate yourself through an association with the American Society of Estate Liquidators.

Dealing with difficult and/or complicated sellers and buyers requires finesse, but it also requires confidence that your actions and decisions are correct and that is gained through experience.

There are great new estate sale companies across the country, but be sure if you are interviewing any estate liquidation company, you ask about their training and/or apprenticeship, experience, and how long they have been involved with the estate sale business.