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Estate Sale Liquidation Supplies – What Can You Expect

Estate Sales NewsIn today’s estate liquidation world things have changed greatly since 25 plus years ago when many liquidators (remember it wasn’t a huge industry then) showed up with some tables, covered them with sheets or curtains and used a cigar box or safe box for check out if they didn’t use apron pockets or belly bags.

In some parts of the country they may still do this, especially more rural areas, however, in larger more metropolitan areas you may see a panel van or even an SUV pulling a small trailer behind it loaded with supplies.

At last year’s Estate Sale Conference in St. Louis one estate liquidator from the northern mid-west said she would travel as much as 100 miles and pulled a trailer that included tables of various sizes, a ladder, showcases, lights, extension cords, table covers, signs, paper bags and boxes, paper for wrapping, plate racks and stands, cleaning supplies, pricing supplies and many other items including an all purpose utility box and a scale for weighing gold and silver.

Shrink wrap as we mentioned earlier this week is also being used now by some estate sale companies to protect small valuable items either for packing or display.

Wherever your sale is your estate sale company should be presenting a professionally staged appearance for your estate sale. Asking whether a company has a full compliment of supplies is another question for you to ask when conducting a phone interview with a perspective estate sale company.