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Estate Sale Liquidator Success Story – What It Takes

Danny TriplettThere are thousands of estate liquidators in the United States today, however, we would like to tell you the story about one such liquidator. We have no doubt that there are hundreds or possibly more with similar stories, but today we want to tell you about Danny Triplett of Full House Liquidation in the Tampa Bay area. We reported on an extraordinary estate sale Danny conducted a year ago April with over 1000 dolls that made most of the local TV stations and attracted buyers from across the country.

About 4 years ago the company Danny was working for relocated out of Tampa and left him unemployed. At the time he was in his mid 30’s and had never worked for himself. (For those of you that haven’t it is a challenge to be motivated and assertive every day to succeed with out a supervisor or boss watching or driving you on).

To start making some money while unemployed he held a huge yard sale and made almost $1,000.00. The wheels of his mind started turning and when his friends heard about his success they started asking him to sell some things for them. He decided to have a few more yard sales and even found a tent top to put up and created sides with plastic to protect anything inside from the elements. With help from his Dad he acquired tables and clothing racks for display.

His wife had a Realtor friend who had a lady moving to Chicago that was selling her home and taking next to none of the items in it. With his tent sales having been a success she asked him if he would sell her house contents. The sale had to be held at the home and without any prior estate sale experience he did his homework and held a very successful sale. Once again his mind started churning out ideas.

The Realtor that had given him the sale was so happy he began to spread the word amongst other real estate agents about Danny.

What began as a man needing to find income as a one man show has become a very successful full time estate sales business employing multiple people and even achieving recognition by local Tampa TV stations for a unique news worthy estate sale of a 1000+ doll collection sale last April (EstateSalesNews.com featured one of the TV videos along with an interview with Danny here on the Front Page).

His dedication, assertiveness, knowledge, sweat, and drive to succeed has him now on the Real Estate Radio Network in Tampa, Florida as their expert estate sale contributor along with running his estate liquidation business.

You can contact Danny Triplett at Full House Liquidation