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Correctly List And Identify Items To Be Sold At An Estate Sale

photo-18Recently Estate Sales News was researching estate liquidations taking place across the country and as we perused various sales we noticed a few listings where there appeared to be a fairly significant collection and yet it was not included in the description of what was for sale.

We also found in one instance there was mention of a collection, but we could not locate the photos to match what was written in the description.

When an estate sale company photographs and lists the highlights or items in a sale it is very important that they include the names of the items or collections if they are showing photographs. It is also equally important if collections are being shown in photos that it is included in the list if they have provided one. It is also important that they correctly identify what is being showcased in the photographs.

Many buyers are not collectors or knowledgeable on many items that may be included in an estate sale and it is important for estate liquidators to either know what they are selling or seek out experts (appraisers etc.) who can correctly identify objects in question. No one can be knowledgeable about everything, but care should be exercised to prevent confusion and possible future problems for the estate sale.