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Is Your Estate Sale Staged, Organized And Marketed?

With the Labor Day holiday weekend approaching and the next season of estate sales is ready to begin.

A few considerations you to be concerned with after you have chosen your estate liquidator (using your due diligence to find a reputable and qualified estate sale company).

Is your estate sale company organizing and staging your sale? Organizing is different than staging. Getting organized is separating out the different items throughout the house such as towels, sheets, plates, glasses, stemware etc.

Staging is setting up the different groups to be appealing by creating depth, height, color, the way light is reflected etc.

Both of these require finesse and experience and many estate liquidators seek out specialized training for staging to maximize the appearance of items in your sale.

The other important consideration is marketing. Does your liquidator have their own website?Do they utilize social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.). Do they have an email list and you may want to ask them if it is theirs or an estate sale listing list. Do they use print media (not always necessary, it depends on the area)? Are they taking photos early to start generating interest? How many estate sale listing websites do they list your sale on and how soon will they list it?

With the autumn estate sale season about to burst forth, be sure you are prepared for hiring your estate liquidator. You can learn about estate sales and put your check list together right here at EstateSalesNews.com. Please use our search for the information you need to be a well informed, knowledgeable consumer.