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What’s selling at estate sales tomorrow?

Estate Sale signIt’s Estate Sales Friday and that means that there are 1000’s of estate sales out there.

To attend an interesting sale which required research and knowledge by the estate sale company and auction company working side by side you can go to 10525 Frost Rd., Portland, MI 48875. The estate sale is run by Wonder Women Estate Sales and the Saturday auction by Epic Auctions and Estate Sales. Here is a link to the sale and auction.

To view other estate sales and auctions we include the following links. Please tell them you heard about it from EstateSalesNews.com





To our friends observing Yom Kippur starting this evening we wish you a good fast.

We will return on Monday to discuss estate sale listing websites for estate sales and what you should ask and expect from them and why it is important to sellers, estate sale companies, and buyers. Monday on EstateSalesNews.com

Happy shopping and remember shop an estate sale, save $$$$ and go green.

Estate Sale & Auction Working to Sell Houshold and Taxidermy in Portland, Michigan

Barbara Stevens Jersey, Wonder Women Estate Sales and Bob Howe, Epic Auctions & Estate Sales are teaming up to sell a home with much general household and approximately 150 taxidermy mounts. The estate belonged to a well known sportsman in Portland, Michigan the estate sale begins Friday. The auction will be simulcast as well as live and starts Saturday morning. The mounts that are being auctioned are legal to sell under law. Estate Sales News visited Barbara and Bog (a licensed auctioneer) at the property on Wednesday, September 24th. We are grateful to them for their time and inviting us to this unique event.

Barbara has been a speaker at both the 2013 and 2014 EstateSales.NET conference. Bob is also a contributor.

Here is a link to view the estate sale

Here is a link to view the auction

Estate Sale & Auction Companies Working Together – Video Interview with Barbara Stevens Jersey & Bob Howe

Estate Sales News visited with Barbara Stevens Jersey of Wonder Women Estate Sales and Bob Howe of Epic Auctions and Estate Sales in Portland, Michigan. They are teaming up to sell an estate of a well known sportsman with much taxidermy (170 or so mounts) that was a children’s museum and  general househould.

Estate Sales New also has a video that will be on the Front Page this Wednesday, October 1st of the upcoming  sale and auction scheduled for this Friday and Saturday.

The video of the household estate sale and mounts to be auction will be on the Front Page on Wednesday October 1st.

Here is a link to Barbara’s website Wonder Women Estate Sales

Here is a link to Bob’s website Epic Auctions & Estate Sales

Is It An Estate Sale, Moving Sale, or Tag Sale?

questions and answersThe term estate sale has become very generic for any kind of liquidation involving personal contents.

There are differences although the lines have become somewhat blurred. . An estate sale is for a deceased person and that usually means that everything in the estate sale must be sold by the end of the sale. The estate heir(s), executors(s) or attorney usually want the property cleaned out by the end of the sale.

A moving sale is usually required by sellers who are downsizing or relocating and may or may not sell all the items in the property and who may want to discuss some price minimums on some items.  This isn’t always the case, but may be.

A tag sale can be a moving sale or estate sale. In many parts of the country because the items for sale in the house are tagged they call it a tag sale.

So as we approach the third weekend of 2014 are you attending an estate sale, moving sale or tag sale? Keep in mind that the majority of liquidation companies have adopted the term estate sale not only for their sales, but as part of their company names. In 10 years times have changed and the manner in which liquidations take place keeps evolving.

1200 doll collection in Florida estate sale on Fox, NBC and CNN television

WFLA-TV News Channel 8

Full House Liquidation is conducting an estate sale with over 1200 dolls for 3 days next weekend, August, 16, 17, 18 and the following weekend, August, 23, 24, and 25 in Weeki Wachee, Florida.

Estate Sales News conducted an interview with the owner of Full House Liquidation Danny Triplett on Monday. Danny told us that he started in business 4 years ago when a relative who was a Realtor asked him if he could help sell off the contents of a clients home. ” I had not done this before, but thought I could and after successfully emptying the house at the estate sale the calls from other Realtors needing this same service kept coming” he said. “Now my business is mostly by referrals from previous clients. I do advertise on EstateSales.net and estatesales.org, but I am getting more calls than I can work with so I refer some out” Danny told Estate Sales News. We asked him how he got this huge doll collection sale. “We were doing an estate sale in a 10,000 sq. ft. mansion and the family came to see us working” he told us. Danny said that it has taken about 5 weeks to prepare this sale because of the enormous amount of dolls (many requiring research for history and value) along with the multitude of other collectibles and household items and proper staging. Most of his sales have one police officer on site, however, because of the tremendous nationwide television and newspaper coverage along with a full staff he will have two police officers on site for each day of the sale.

We have also created a board on our Pinterest page for this sale. Full House Liquidation site

CLICK HERE for the link to this huge doll collection sale by Full House Liquidation on EstateSales.net

vintage baby dolldoll with fur coatdolls in cupboardrows of dollsRaggedy Ann and AndyTV SAT Trucks

Estate sale of multiple collections continues in Bryans Road, MD

antique roll top desk & serverTuesday Estate Sales News went to Bryans Road to interview Kayleen Edwards of Estate Escape and we published several videos of this huge sale at 5660 Fenwick Road, in Bryans Road, MD. Some of what is for sale is beautiful antique furniture, an old Indian rug collection (the family traded with Indians when they first settled a almost 2 centuries ago, vintge fishing and lures, vintage Christmas, old pin-up calendars, military items from the Civil War to WWII, vintage purses and clothes, many old Maryland license plates, china, books, old photos, Indian carved trinkets and so much more. Below are some photos.

Indian BlanketsVintage fishingantique vanity




35 star flaglight collectionvintage jewelry




vintage pursesmilitary Civil War to WWII








Again L.A. Estate Services estate sale – jewelry, gemstones, everywhere


Estate Sales News visited Dan Jordan and Danna McCallum of Again L.A Estate Services in Los Angeles to report on their upcoming sale for a woman named Belle whose husband was a jeweler/gemologist for over 50 years. In my 25 plus years in the estate liquidation business I have never seen anything the likes of this. Because of the massiveness of the sale and it is spread over 2 levels of the home we split the video.

Dan told me he had been in the business about 15 years and the estate sales business was an off shoot of his antique shop in Silver Lake. He started doing more estate sales and did not have time to buy antiques for his shop along with a troubled economy it pushed him into doing estate sales. Danna had been working with another man named Al who retired and having known each other for some years and occasionally working together they became partners. Danna has over 20 years of experience working estate sales.

Dan said “we do not target dealers and haven’t since day one of our partnership. Our market is the collector, young people furnishing their homes and the general public. Our obligation is to get the most for our client. We try to make sure the homes are empty so our sales run over a multi day period. We start with day one at full price and have a set discount structure that we follow, 20%, 30%, 50% and sometimes in large homes or estates the last day is 75%. We want to clear out the house and maximize.” Dan said “we price every single thing in the house, something Danna brought to the partnership and I have embraced. This way no surprises at check out. Everyone knows what to expect”. We have an extensive email list by invitation only so good behavior counts.

49 Ct. Amythest Here is a 49 Ct. pillow cut amethyst.


Estate Sales News reporting on another Los Angeles news worthy estate sale.


Here is the link to the sale site which can be found on EstateSales.net