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Estate Sales Friday – What’s Selling At Estate Sales This Week?

Friday, March 13th and estate sales are once again running across the United States.

Here is a preview of a some items for sale this weekend at estate sales.







Here’s where to find estate sales.





Estate Sales News is passionate about estate sales.

What’s Selling At Estate Sales – Estate Sales Friday – A Preview

Estate Sales News is traveling today, but we wanted to show you what you can find at an estate sale today if you are able to travel safely.

In Westlake Village, California with Crown City Estate Sales this pair of wood carnival wheel of fortune spinners.


At an estate sale in Richmond, Virginia by Martha’s Mixture – On Location Estate Sales Services carousel horses.

1-t_028These are just quick examples of what can be found across the country at estate sales. 1000’s of sales just waiting for you. Check with the estate sale company if you were involved in storm Thor and stay safe out there.

You can find these sales and more at:




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And don’t forget to set your clocks ahead an hour this Saturday.

Estate Sale Finds – Know What You Are Looking At – French Tole Planter

photo 2-22photo 1-22On estate sales Friday, we thought we would share one of our estate sale finds from years ago that we collect.

This is a signed French tole planter. The feet and support are brass. One side of the piece has horses pulling a chariot and the other side has a staff swirled in ribbons holding trumpets with botanicals.

The base metal is strictly a gold tone planter an the painting is done in dark browns and black.

A most unusual piece of tole.

It’s estate sale Friday – happy shopping.

Estate Sales Friday!

A friend sent us an article from Steven Kurutz of the New York Times published November 5, 2014. On this estate sale Friday we wanted to share this article and pose the following question – do you see possibilities in this?

Here’s a link to the article!

Let’s go shopping – less than 3 weeks to Thanksgiving!

Less than 7 weeks to Christmas!

Are you ready?

Estate Sales Friday – Ready, Set, Go – Happy Halloween!

Estate Sale signOnce again the weekend begins for thousands of estate sale companies across the country. Let’s examine what most of them have done this week.

We will assume they have a sale starting today. If that is the case they have probably spent the week sorting, cleaning, and staging your personal property. They have priced (and when necessary researched) the bulk of your items for sale. Depending on the size of your estate sale they may have worked 6, 8, 10, 12 or even more hours per day. Along with sorting, cleaning, polishing, pricing, and staging your sale estate liquidators have been busy making sure that all advertising, internet, social media, and possibly print media are in place. Most estate sale company owners do this themselves so that work is done either before they come to your property or after they leave.

The estate sale liquidators’ day doesn’t end though when they leave your property. The may return buyer inquiries either by phone or email, respond to perspective sellers, and in some cases, may be checking on the clean out or final pay out of the sale the previous weekend.

They also have to oversee their staff and make sure that all necessary signage and security is in place for your sale. Permits (if required) may have to be posted in a visible position and their method of crowd control must be in place (sign in sheet, number system etc.)

The estate liquidator has probably also dealt with any emotional or stress issues of the seller. You could say they wear many hats.

As the time approaches they make sure everyone is in place, price tags are visible, show cases secure, any rooms not to be involved are secured, cash needed to start is in place along with working credit card internet access is available.

Signs advising buyers of any regulations pertaining to the sale or property must also be visibly posted.

If the sale starts at 9:00am the estate sale owner or manager will probably open the door at 8:59am to advise those waiting for entrance of any conditions property or sale wise that they need to be aware of.

9:00am IT BEGINS!

Happy Halloween from Estate Sales News your source to learn about estate sales, news, and a national resource for estate liquidations.

pumpkin & kitty

Estate Sale Friday – What’s Selling At Estate Sales Today?

Here is a look at some of the items at estate sales this weekend across the country.  You can find theses items and more at EstateSales.Net, EstateSales.Org, Estatesale.com & Estatesale.company. Please tell them you heard about them from Estate Sales News. Oh and please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. If it’s Friday, It’s estate sales. Shop and save $$$.

































Estate Sales Friday – What’s Selling at Estate Sales Today?

It’s Friday once again and time to look at what’s selling at estate sales across the country. Here is some of what’s selling at estate sales this week. From Show Low AZ, Rocky River OH, Dallas TX, Tacoma WA, Saint Joseph, MI. These items and more can be found on EstateSales.Net under Nationally Featured Estate Sales.

Old gasoline pumps1-t_028
















Americana 1-t_002













Happy shopping and remember the rules of the road and hallways.

It’s Estate Sales Friday – What’s Selling At Estate Sales

It’s the first Friday of autumn and estate sales are in full swing. This is a season for so many estate sale companies that their phones are ringing off the hook.

Next week Estate Sales News will be heading to the desert southwest. More info on that next week.

Here is a peak at some of the items that will be for sale at 1000’s of estate sales taking place this weekend. These items are from New Jersey, Tennessee, California, and Texas.

converted gas light fixtureFiesta ware






Jaguar1000's of record albums

Estate Sales Friday – Have All Your Student Needs?

In many parts of the country school is already back in session, however, many colleges and universities haven’t started yet.

A quick reminder that if you still need items such as towels, blankets, kitchenware, linens, etc. today and tomorrow is a good time to visit your local estate sale and shop for those last minute items that will save you $$$ and keep the world green.

A reminder that our news worthy estate sale from earlier this week run by Judy Martin, The Perfect Thing is on day two of this three day sale. She is at 10910 S. Prospect, Morgan Park, IL 60643. Check out our videos from last Friday and this past Monday to see how things started yesterday.

Don’t forget your estate sale kits, drive safe, have fun, and save money. If it’s Friday it’s estate sales.

Estate Sales Friday – What You Can See And Learn

Estate Sale signEstate Sales News has received many comments on our part one interview with Judy Martin, ISA, CAPP. Our dialogue will continue with Judy on Monday where she takes us on a tour of the home in Morgan Park Chicago. It should be pointed out that this sale was in the process of staging, cleaning, and hadn’t been priced. It provides a good perspective about the work it takes to prepare for an estate sale.

When you walk into an estate sales today take the time to look around at how it’s been staged, whether the items have been cleaned, and if the electronics have been tested. Remember that the items sold at estate sales are usually sold as is and most estate sale companies have a no return no refund policy.

There are thousands of estate sales across the country starting today. If you’re looking for items, this is a great source. If you are interested in having an estate sale and finding a liquidator go check out your local sales to see how they are handled and who impressed you.

Judy Martin’s video on Monday.

If it’s Friday, it’s estate sales.