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Learn About Estate Sales – What Sources Are You Using?

learn about estate salesEstate Sales News searches the internet daily for anything new in the estate sale business and we are finding more and more sources offering advice about estate sales, from how an estate sale works, how to choose an estate sale company, estate sale contracts, pricing, staging, clean outs etc.

It is vital for perspective estate sellers to find their information from sources that have had experience in the estate liquidation business or were at some time estate liquidators. Books have been written about how to hold your own estate sale by book authors and estate sale liquidators. Why an estate sale liquidator would want to tell you how to hold your own estate sale would appear to be a means of making money selling books and persuading you that you need to hire an professional estate liquidator (perhaps them).

Hiring a professional estate sale company is like hiring a Realtor to sell your property or an attorney to draw up a will or prepare and read through legal documents. You hire them because of their expertise, experience and knowledge in their specific field. The same applies to hiring an estate sale company.

To learn about estate sales begin by talking to anyone you know who has had one. Use the internet to find articles written by estate liquidators and others in the estate sale business. Follow up by looking at estate sale listing sites and associations. They can offer further information. You will also be able to find estate sale companies in your area and then you can begin the process of looking at their liquidators current estate sales or events and any internet reviews. Keep in mind that some buyers and sellers may post an unfavorable review and it may be wise if only one or two to call the estate liquidator and speak by telephone with them about these reviews.

Many articles are appearing on the internet written by authors who write on a variety of subjects that their assistants research for them and they then publish. This may be a newsy article, but nothing replaces first hand professional experience and knowledge of the process in this very complex industry.

An example would be what is happening with the sale of ivory and taxidermied endangered species including foul, fish, and other wildlife. These are state issues and may also be federal issues depending upon the items.

However you learn about estate sales, make sure to thoroughly review not only the information provided, but the sources that the information comes from.

EstateSalesNews.com works weekly to provide up to date information and we hope you will continue to use us as one of your primary resources to learn about estate sales.


Estate Sales Help – What’s Important To You?

typewriter logoIt’s Monday and one week until the 2014 Estate Sale Conference in Memphis.

Last week we covered two important news items for the world of estate sales. The discovery of Marvin Gaye’s 1960’s Passport in a record album sold for 50 cents and the story of a San Antonio, TX estate sale company reportedly not paying sellers and bouncing checks by a Texas TV station making Google Alerts.

Doing our due diligence on the San Antonio story we followed up by looking further into the news about the estate sale company. Whenever an estate sale company receives such negative press Estate Sales News investigates to ascertain more information. We can say that the estate sale company is currently not listed on any of the major estate sale listing sites.

When you are choosing an estate sale company investigate through the Internet, BBB, and any other means at your disposal. If you know a local Realtor make a phone call. They usually have the finger on the pulse of what’s happening locally and may even be able to recommend an estate sale company.  Even with a recommendation continue researching the company. When it is time for the face to face interview you want to feel as confident as possible that the estate sale companies you are opening your door to are going to have your best interest. Remember though that this is also how they make their living so they are looking for your business. If you have recently suffered the loss of a loved one you may want to have a friend or someone you know with you for their presentation. Emotions can overwhelm you and once your choice is made hopefully you will feel satisfied and the company chosen will result in a successful sale without misunderstandings.

Estate Sales News is here to help. Whether you are unsure what an estate sale is, how to get started, how to find estate sale companies, how or where to research, interviews, estate sale contracts, staging, the sale itself and the final payout and clean out we provide free information here at EstateSalesNews.com. Questions can always be sent to carol@estatesalesnews.com

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