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A Holiday Week – What Happens With Estate Sales

Tonight starts Passover, Friday is Good Friday for and Sunday is Easter. This is truly a week of religious holidays and observance and with their importance comes the question of holding estate sales.

Many companies observe these holidays and as the result do not hold estate sales during this week.

Others do not and some feel that it can present them an opportunity to conduct an estate sale with those that are not observant.

The decision is a spiritual and economic one depending on the company and area.

Today would be a good time to check out the estate sale listing sites if you wish to attend sales this weekend to see if any will be in your area.

Take at look at





Estate Sales and Holiday Weekends!

Estate Sales News keeps in contact with several estate sales companies across the country to keep a pulse on what the trends are, hot topics, new marketing being used and many other items. One topic that comes up right now because of the approaching weekend is conducting estate sales on holiday weekends.

With Labor Day next Monday, the question is what to do. Most estate sale companies I have spoken with are confident and comfortable running an estate sale over Labor Day weekend, however, it does depend on your area. 

In areas where people are having their last turn at the beach, many companies will wait a week. It is sometimes very difficult to get the attention of vacationers enjoying their final summer weekend. This can be seen up and down the east coast in some towns and cities.

It is not as much an issue on the west coast although it can be seen in a few areas.

The decision whether to conduct a sale on a holiday like Labor Day should be made in consultation with the estate sale company based on their prior experience in the town.

Almost all estate liquidation companies will not conduct estate sales over Christmas and Easter. They will, however, work sales on other religious holidays and during other religions observances. So much depends on the community.

One of the important questions to ask when interviewing an estate liquidator is what their preferences are and why.