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Estate Sales News at A-1 Auction in Maitland Fl. 2 unique estates

We spent time at A-1 Auction in Maitland, Florida. They were conducting an auction for two different Florida estates that had items the heirs felt were best sold at auction.

 Doug & Paula White started as a small auction company 32 years ago this month. They have been holding auctions at the Maitland Civic Center for 29 years. One of the estates today was from a former power plant engineer at NASA. His wife had been working with Bonhams Auction House who recommended they contact the Whites of A-1 Auction.

Gold and Silver – The rise and fall – How it affects your estate sale.

goldIn October of 2012 gold was selling at $1792.52 a troy oz. Today it is selling at $1244.29. A big change. Estate Sales companies need to stay up to date with gold and silver. There are many websites and phone numbers they can call when pricing your gold and silver for an estate sale. Of course, if you are talking about gold from Tiffany, Harry Winston or some other designer manufacturer that will influence the value greatly.

It is very important when choosing an estate sale company that you inquire if they can weigh your gold or silver, how or where they research value and design and if they can test unmarked gold for 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, 22kt or 24kt. If it is European gold it could even be 7kt. gold. A professional estate liquidator should be knowledgeable in all these areas and if not should have an expert to assist. Remember asking is your responsibility and it should be up to them to respond. If in doubt perhaps you should interview another company. It is your financial bottom line.

Questions are always welcomed at carol@estatesalesnews.com. It may take a day or so to answer, but we will do our best to respond as soon as possible.

Estate Sales, consignment shops, auctions – which works for you?

715 riverbend 09 002Estate Sales News is covering all angles of the estate liquidation business. Choosing what works best for you, your family or client (if you’re a Realtor or attorney) depends on many factors.



Let’s bullet point them for simplicity:

  • Location – can you have an on site liquidation sale
  • Merchandise – what is in the residence to be sold
  • Value – what type of value do the items have, high end/designer, antiques, gen. household etc.
  • Time – how soon do you need to liquidate
  • Who – in your area what types of liquidations solutions are available
  • $$$$ – what will it cost to liquidate and what will bring you the best financial results

Have a news worthy estate sale? Contact Estate Sales News

Estate Sales News researches the internet daily and almost hourly for estate sales to cover. We found what looks like a fantastic and interesting estate sale in Bryans Rd., Maryland today being run by Estate Escape. Even though we are packing up for the AutoTrain to return to Florida we were hoping to share some video of this interesting sale and an interview with the owner, however, the estate sale liquidator did not have time and we regret we did not see this sale earlier. We do encourage you to look on Estatesales.net in Southern Maryland and hope you will be able to attend.

If you have a news worthy sale please email me at carol@estatesalesnews.com or you can call me toll free at 877-623-1988. We travel coast to coast.


Estate Sales can save dollars for the younger generation

When you are just starting out buying furniture, pots and pans, linens, and many general household items can really take a chunk out of your budget.

Try doing your shopping at estate sales. Most are held on Fridays and Saturdays or Saturdays and Sundays so hopefully the timing is right for you. Because most household items at the sale unless truly vintage or antique are priced to sell you can pick up some wonderful bargains. Most times you will find items at 30%-50% below full retail. Those savings add up. Plus if you attend the sale on day two most estate sales companies will discount what did not sell on day one. You can always leave a bid as well.

Downsizing – a liquidation sale may be just the ticket

Downsizing, a liquidation sale my be just the ticket. With the number of baby boomers retiring every day, boomers are looking to move into smaller homes, an apartment or condo. Downsizing is often a necessity and estate sales may be the answer.

Within 6 months or moving to smaller quarters? Now is the time to start looking at estate liquidators and conducting interviews.  The sooner you make a choice the easier the process will become. Downsizing can be stressful and having booked a specific date with an estate liquidator will help eliminate the anxiety.

Getting into decision mode as to what you want to keep and sell. Moving and choosing what to will need and part with aren’t easy. The sooner you start the process, the less stress you will feel. Hiring an estate sale company to work with will also make sure you get a date that will work to your advantage.

Sequestration – will it effect you?

Sequestration may effect estate sales buyers and sellers in parts of the country where there are numbers of federal employees. Furloughs or unemployment can diminish proceeds and inhibit sales.

If you are not buying as an antiques dealer or reseller on Ebay disposable income influences your impulse buying.  General household items prices eventually become lower with a smaller audience or tighter budget.

Of course not all areas of the country may see some of these changes. We’ll be watching for you.


Estate Sales News is here to help.

Estate Sales News is here to provide information and resources.

We would suggest that when a personal property liquidation sale is needed ask your Realtor, attorney or friends if they know an estate sales company. After that check out several websites that feature estate sales company listings.