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Why Commission Is the Last Consideration When Choosing An Estate Liquidator

It is always a process when downsizing for a move or eliminating a loved ones possessions. STOP – call a professional estate liquidator.

Estate sale companies do not have emotional attachments and this can be a huge asset to you. An experienced and knowledgeable liquidator can help in so many ways.

If you are downsizing having someone from the liquidation industry to discuss what you need to accomplish and review what you will need to sell can ease the process. They can advise you about what to expect your unneeded belongings may realize at a liquidation sale and if anything specific should become a donation. Experienced and knowledgeable estate liquidators understand the stress of downsizing and can make the process a more comfortable one thereby allowing you to move forward to the next great adventure in your life.

The loss of a loved one is never easy and the disposal of personal belongings can be overwhelming. The estate sale company you choose can ease the burdens associated with the elimination of personal contents that hold memories.

When choosing a liquidator there are so many considerations to decide who will work best for you. We have a printable list for you to work with on our Front Page with a Tab, Click Here For the Printable List to access the list now.

The last consideration is the commission that an estate sale company charges. If you hire strictly based on what it will cost to hold the sale, the results may not be what you were hoping for.

Today the expenses of conducting an estate sale for a liquidator are much higher than they use to be. Judy Martin wrote an article that was published here on Estate Sales News about “The Cost Of Conducting A House Sale”.

Choose wisely. An estate sale company can be your best and most important asset during the trying and difficult times that happen in your life.

How To Choose An Estate Sale Company – Decision Time What’s Next? – Part 4

MP900382659Last week we discussed where to find an estate sale company, the telephone, and face to face interview, and the estate sale contract.

At this stage you have interviewed estate liquidators, listened to their presentations, and reviewed the contract line by line with them (if you haven’t you aren’t ready to make a decision yet and it is part of their job to explain their contract, what’s in it and why).

During the presentation they should have reviewed their experience, advertising, staffing, security measures, crowd control procedures and researching methods. As a seller (heir, attorney, Realtor, family) you should have decided what will and won’t be in the sale. If there are several people involved in the decision, make sure that you are all in agreement with the what is and isn’t for sale as well as the choice for the estate sale company.  They should have been present at the walk thru and presentation if at all possible. Any personal issues should be worked out prior to the interview and finally the choice of estate liquidators. All parties involved should sign and date the estate sale contract to avoid any misunderstandings or confusion.

When choosing your estate sale company consider your interviews, did they arrive on time, their appearance and manner during the tour of the property and presentation, the responses you received to any questions you asked and did they give you complete answers, and how you felt towards the individual(s) you met. Be sure to ask them before signing the contract if they will be present and running the sale or assigning it to a team member. If that is the case you should meet and speak with the team member that will be running your sale. Some estate sale companies send the owner of the company to the tour of the property and presentation and then that will be the last time you see them. It is important for you to know ahead of signing any estate sale contract or agreement. They will be handling your money. Also ask how they pay you, when and about the clean out (do they perform clean outs or have a company that does and is there an extra charge, etc.). Not all estate sale companies perform clean outs, but this should not be the deciding issue either.

Now after weighing all the information you have garnered ask yourself who was best qualified as well as someone you could have a business relationship with. Your last consideration should be the commission or fee charged. The adage “you get what you pay for” is very true in the estate sale business so let the commission be your last concern not your first.

After careful review and consideration an you have made your decision call your choice for an estate sale company and ask them to come over so you can sign the contract and review available dates. This is also the time to ask any last minute questions.

Tomorrow – What’s the next step in the estate sale process. The work begins.

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