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Finding And Hiring An Estate Sale Company

Finding and hiring an estate sale company is becoming more involved as the number of estate sale companies continue to grow.

To find companies you can ask your attorney, ask your Realtor, look on estate sale company listing websites and look at estate sale companies who have memberships with estate sale associations and societies.

If you are asking a Realtor and they give you a recommendation ask them if they have any type of working relationship with them. Do they receive a referral fee? Your best interest is served when a real estate company refers you simply because they are familiar with your work and ethics and believe you can best handle the job for their clients.

If you are looking on estate sale listing websites, remember all these sites are paid by the companies on them and in most instances the listing company will provide several names of companies listed with them in your area. They do not have personal or direct knowledge of these companies.

Your attorney may be able to provide a recommendation based on previous experience with a liquidation company.

When you are trying to find an estate sale company, be sure to check for reviews online as well. Toss out the frivolous or silly ones (there are many of those) and be concerned with those who truly question business practices. If you are still interested in the estate sale company speak with them. Ask them about the review and what their side was.

Using several sources and your own research is the best way to find and hire an estate sale company.


Estate Sale Commission Last Consideration!

The estate sale commission is your last consideration and here is why.

So many estate sale companies have come on line in the last three plus years competition has become fierce. Many new companies try to compete with a lower commission.

When looking to hire an estate sale company, the estate sale commission should not be what influences your decision. Consider the following before you even ask about the commission.

How long has the company been in business? How did the liquidator gain knowledge and experience to sell personal property contents?

Ask about the estate sale company staff and if they have experience.

Advertising is so important with so many estate sales. Ask where and how they advertise. Do they have a private email list of customers that they send to each week?

How do they conduct their set-up and staging.

Do they research for pricing and where do they look for information. eBay should not be the only answer. Experienced estate liquidators know where to research.

Choosing An Esate Sale Company – Printable Estate Sales News Check List

how-to-chooseEstate Sales News has written many articles about how to choose an estate sale company, but today we have added a printable check list to the top of our home page on how to choose an estate sale company. Click on it, read it through, and print out your check list before you start your search for an estate sale company.

This list was created based on 25 plus years as a former estate liquidator. Our information is based on actual working experience conducting professional estate sales.

Our mission at EstateSalesNews.com is to empower you, the perspective seller.

Be informed, know what to look for, and ask questions. It’s your financial bottom line.

Choosing an estate sale company – important considerations

HomeChoosing an estate sale company involves many things that we have covered, but some areas we want to talk about further are testimonials, referrals, and whatever you do don’t base your choice for an estate sale company on commission or fee. It’s like choosing a doctor, you base it on the best not the cheapest. Remember the old adage “you get what you pay for”.


As we write this article Elizabeth O’Brien with Market Watch wrote an article which tie with our report here entitled 10 things estate sales won’t tell you click here for the link to the article.

Be aware that no company, estate sale listing service or otherwise can offer you reputable estate sale companies unless they have personally bought or sold with that company. They present companies that most of the time pay to advertise on them (though some services allow free listings especially if no photos are uploaded on their sites). Even the Better Business Bureau isn’t always a guarantee because companies pay to be members. Angies List will feature a company, but the perspective user pays a fee for access.