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Outstanding Native American & National Geographic Photographer, Hoarder Estate Sale- Sierra Madre, CA

It isn’t very often that your editor becomes speechless, but our visit with Crown City Estate Sales at their upcoming hoarder house sale July 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st accomplished that.

Jackie and Frank Fimbres are preparing a sale for a family whose grandfather was an Indian Agent and photographer for National Geographic. The contents which date from 1909 thru the 1960’s include enormous collections of Native American artifacts, antiques, art pottery, sterling, books, and everything imaginable from  A-Z. The video you will be watching was taken after 18 days of them working morning to night and they still need several days of preparation. The house is so jammed along with the garage, out building and basement that it appears as though not much has been done. This is far from the truth. After many dumpsters were used to clear out what was unsalable, the house is still overflowing with such great to outstanding items the problem is finding the space for them. Some of the collections include thousands of butterflys, African American memorabilia, listed art work, an unbelievable button collection, cologne bottles, good china and glass, a huge number of very important negatives showing Native American life, photographs, and so on. There is even a book written in the Navajo language. This will be a once in a lifetime event and we hope that this also demonstrates the great amount of time, effort and physical labor that an estate liquidator uses to prepare for a hoarder house sale or any estate sale with extreme contents and limited space. It should be noted that Jackie has expertise in Indian artifacts.

Here is a link to Crown City Estate Sales to view and read more on this fantastic sale

Estate Sales Los Angeles Hoarder Estate Sale – Unique collections

Estate Sales News interviewed Sanford Cohen of Estate Sales Los Angeles. They will be conducting the final phase of a multi-phase estate sale from the home of a gentleman who was a hoarder in Torrance, CA.

Mr. Cohen was featured on Fox Business News (please see the video in our archives) interviewed by CNN Money, and interviewed by the Los Angeles Times.

The first sale was the contents found in the home. The gentleman that lived in this property collected so much that he had 6 storage units. It took two large trucks to bring the contents of the storage units to the house and be staged for this weekends sale.

Among the many collections are cameras, model trains, microscopes, world globes, matchbox cars and the list goes on.

Here is a link to the sale this weekend on EstateSales.Net in Torrance, CA, Sat. & Sun. Oct. 19th & 20 starting at 8am.