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Telling The Seller’s Story Draws Audiences For Estate Sales

Telling the sellers story of an estate sale draws audiences for estate sales.

Understanding who the sellers were, why they collected, what they did, and where they shopped is insightful. The sellers story in estate sales provides provenance to what is for sale.

Here is a partial story about a sale taking place this week in Los Angeles, CA starting on Wed. July, 27 by Again L.A. Estate Sales. “Huge USC Exec Estate – Mid Century, 70s, Toys, Tools, Hoarder Sale”.

“This is the estate of an incredibly interesting couple – both were incredibly dynamic individuals! Leonard Wines, hereafter referred to as the Mister -was a career University of Southern California figure who began his USC career as Coordinator of Communications and then ultimately Director of Pubic Reltations. He took an early retirement in the eighties and dived right into the world of computers…becoming a product manager with Data Desk International and a faculty member with the annual San Francisco Macworld Exposition. His Missus – Clara Vines was an equally dynamic individual! Clara spent the 1950s working the with State Department serving through the Middle East and Asia before marrying her lifetime partner and raising two sons. Clara loved the arts and being an artist at heart – her greatest love was working with her hands creating  many wonderful pieces of pottery, sculpture, jewelry, textiles, and more! The couple loved music and acquired a large collection of jazz records and literally every room on the property was wired for sound. Their property features a large garden area filled with plants and it must have been quite the retreat in the past!

This is a wonderful example before a list of the major contents that let’s buyers know what and why this home is so filled. Here is a link to this sale to read more.

Many estate sale companies write these stories opening life’s journey.

An Over Collector – Hoarder Estate Sale With 1000’s Of Items

An enormous estate sale of an over collector in Chesterfield, MO starting on December 18th conducted by A New Beginnings Estate Sale. A that home has 1000’s of items, many of which were purchased within the last five years and still have the price tags on them begins. Over 300 throw pillows is just the beginning of what you will find at this hoarder sale.

Working with an over collector or as some call them a hoarder is challenging. If it isn’t someone who is deceased it will requires patience, emotional understanding, and some very basic physcology. Estate liquidators wear many hats for just this reason. Explaining how they will approach the enormous task and what has to be done is only the beginning of the estate liquidation process.

Estate sales with this type of volume require extra weeks and hours of work and many times extra staff. Many estate sale companies may increase their commission because of the volume of items, sorting, the extra staging, and pricing it requires, however, each company works differently.

With Christmas two weeks away, we wanted to present some of what buyers will find at this enormous sale. Click here for a link to this estate sale.










Estate Architectural Salvage Sale – Los Angeles, CA- 4 Old Panel Vanss

Estate Sales by Sam and Pam will be conducting this architectural estate salvage sale in Los Angeles, CA Friday, Nov. 15- Sunday, Nov. 17.

Sam and Pam started by trying to help with a silent auction with their children in first grade. That was 20 years ago. They learned about the estate sale business through a friend who was in estate liquidations and with their love of helping people at their wits ends with parents downsizing or passing away their business began. They obtain their sales through referrals.

This building was originally a carpet store on the ground floor with three apartments on the second floor that were abandoned 40 years ago. The carpet store started in business in 1921. The owner grew up and lived in the upstairs apartments and kept acquiring furniture, fixtures, dishes and more until he abandoned the building for lack of room in the early 1970’s. A true hoarder. The owner of the store passed leaving a building filled with carpeting and rugs along with 4 Chevy panel vans dating from 1955 – 1966 in need of much restoration and the new owner is going to rehab the building creating retail space again with apartments on the second floor.

If you are creative or like to repurpose this sale is for you. Everything must be sold, a lot of dust and dirt so Sam and Pam advise you to wear gloves, also a very reasonably priced sale. Claw foot bath tubs, old lighting fixtures, cupboards, dishes to murphy beds, early 1900’s furniture to 1970. A architectural diggers delight.  Here is a link to this sale on EstateSales.Net