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July 4th Holiday And It’s Impact On Estate Sales

The July 4th Holiday and it’s impact on estate sales is usually only noticed by estate sale companies. Most estate liquidators take this time off to celebrate our Independence Day with family and friends as most Americans do.

Auction companies often hold holiday weekend auctions. Their audiences often differ from estate sale companies.

Estate sale followers and attendees usually shy away from major holiday weekends. Christmas, Easter, and July 4th especially. Time for family and friends.

Our 4th of July celebration gives the estate sale companies and their staffs an opportunity to enjoy to enjoy some needed rest time and join in the celebration.

As summer vacations begin, estate sale companies will be working harder to get the message out about their sales and what each weekend the public will find.

Marketing strategies change to accommodate the summer season. Social media for targeting their audience will be a key player in their advertising campaigns. Vacationers following Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ will find ads, photos, and snippets about estate sales. Click here for more information on social media marketing.

The Effect Of Summer And July 4th On Estate Sales

7943d42e3cb105c24554c3be9bce316fMay started the summer season with graduations, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. That slowed the estate sale business down depending on the proximity to the shore areas and the mountains. The business picked up again in June.

Now, the major summer holiday weekend of July 4th approaches in a the month that so many take vacations.

Most estate sale companies are not conducting estate sales over the July 4th weekend. Estate Sales News has not reviewed the 5000 plus estate sale companies out there, but the cities and states we have looked at appear to be taking a break for that weekend. It’s not easy to compete with hot dogs, hamburgers, the beach, mountains, or lakes. It has also been a very busy spring so this provides an opportunity for the company owners and staffs to recharge too.

If you are having a liquidation sale this summer here are a few simple suggestions.

If you have any items that can be used for camping, hiking, fishing, or the beach be sure to point them out to your estate sale company and ask them to make specific mention of them. People are always on the hunt for quality outdoor furniture and even portable fire pits.

Have a picnic hamper, beach towels, folding beach chairs, beach umbrellas? Other good items worth mentioning and photographing.

How about good quality plastic dinnerware. A must have for summer vacationers and a good deal at an estate sale. A word of mention here, something being a good deal doesn’t mean it’s cheap, it reflects that the price is lower than it would be retail new.

Estate Sale Companies, remember to advertise your summer needs and if by chance the seller has fall or winter items, wrapping paper etc. remind the public to buy now when the prices may be lower than in the season.

There are many ways to work around the 4th of July and the summer. Success comes from experience, knowledge, and marketing skills.