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We Give Thanks To Those Serving On This Thanksgiving

EstateSalesNews.com would like to thank our men and women in our military, fire, police, and emergency responders for your service and sacrifice this Thanksgiving being away or on duty unable to be with family and friends, so that the rest of America can enjoy this special holiday. It’s our opportunity to be thankful for our family, friends, and freedom.

Estate Sales Friday – Where Are You Shopping?

Estate Sale sign

Estate sale buyers are already in line as this article gets published.

Yesterday was the start of a packed house sale by Estate Escape in Huntingtown, MD., military, sterling, gold, boats, tractor etc. Here is a link to this fabulous sale click here.






Magical Mystery Tour estate sale by Kissing It All Goodbye Estate Sales LLC in Farmers Branch, TX starts today. Click here for the link.







Wherever your headed today be sure you have your estate sale kit, including flashlight, water, latex gloves, magnifying glass or loop, boxes and bags, newspaper or tissue paper for wrapping, and patience.

Estate Sales News is passionate about estate sales. Happy buying.