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Spring Time Is Only Weeks Away – Estate Sale, Moving Sale, Consignment or Auction

clean out truckNow that Ground Hog Day is past spring is approaching and with it come decisions about moving, downsizing, relocating, or just a clean out.

For those in our audience that are doing more than just a clean out it is time now to start deciding what you want to keep and what you don’t. Then comes the big decision, how to eliminate all the unwanted or unnecessary items.

Now is the time to start looking for estate sale companies if you have more to eliminate than keep. You might even consider finding an estate sale company that would conduct what they call a partial sale, where it is limited to just a few rooms. Not all estate sale companies perform this particular liquidation, but it is wise to ask.

Start asking your friends, relatives, Realtor or attorney if they can recommend an estate sale company. Also start looking at estate sale listing websites like EstateSales.Net, EstateSales.org and Estatesale.com to see who is working in your area. There are other listing sites as well to check out.

When speaking with liquidators ask them if you don’t have enough for a sale if they would consider buying out what you have, take on consignment or recommend a local auctioneer that may do consignment auctions for small lots.

You may also want to inquire with an estate sale company if they assist in a clean out. Many now perform this function for a fee as well. The estate liquidation business has many facets today.

With the last 6 or so weeks of winter left (hopefully less) now is the perfect time if you are going to relocate to get the chore of sorting through and making your key decisions, but remember – if you have a lot “don’t throw anything out” until you have interviewed some estate sale companies. You may be giving away money unknowingly.

Is It An Estate Sale, Moving Sale, or Tag Sale?

questions and answersThe term estate sale has become very generic for any kind of liquidation involving personal contents.

There are differences although the lines have become somewhat blurred. . An estate sale is for a deceased person and that usually means that everything in the estate sale must be sold by the end of the sale. The estate heir(s), executors(s) or attorney usually want the property cleaned out by the end of the sale.

A moving sale is usually required by sellers who are downsizing or relocating and may or may not sell all the items in the property and who may want to discuss some price minimums on some items.  This isn’t always the case, but may be.

A tag sale can be a moving sale or estate sale. In many parts of the country because the items for sale in the house are tagged they call it a tag sale.

So as we approach the third weekend of 2014 are you attending an estate sale, moving sale or tag sale? Keep in mind that the majority of liquidation companies have adopted the term estate sale not only for their sales, but as part of their company names. In 10 years times have changed and the manner in which liquidations take place keeps evolving.