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Estate Sales News At 553 S. Windsor Blvd., Los Angeles. CA Dr. Arnold Klein Sale

photo(18)Estate Sales News is in Hancock Park at the sale for Dr. Arnold Klein today conducted by Munyon and Sons Estate Sales at 553 S. Windsor Blvd., Los Angeles, CA. The home Tudor style home was built in 1914. Please visit our Pinterest Board for a view of the front exterior. HERE IS THE LINK for the sale on EstateSales.Net

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US Bankruptcy Court Ordered Sale of Dr. Arnold Klein Postponed 1 Week

Michael JacksonMunyon and Sons have announced the sale for the US Bankruptcy Court of the personal property of Dr. Arnold Klein, Dermatologist to the stars has been delayed 1 week to comply with Bankruptcy Court ordered requirements.

The new sale dates are Nov. 20, 21, 22, and 23.

People will be flying in from across the country for this sale along with the Paparazzi, Hollywood Reporter and others.

Estate Sales News will be there Nov. 19 and 20 to cover the day before and the opening day of this history making sale.

Our video of the sale shot at Dr. Klein’s Hancock Park home this past week will be up shortly for you to preview what will be there.

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Flying to Los Angeles Today To Report On The Estate Sale Of Dr. Arnold Klein

Michael JacksonEstate Sales News is in the air heading to Los Angeles to report on the upcoming estate sale that Munyon and Sons Estate Sales will be conducting next week for Dr. Arnold Klein in Hancock Park, Dermatologist to Michael Jackson, Cher, Elizabeth Taylor and other famous celebrities.

We also start our series What Is. We hope this will clarify media reports such as Don’t Waste Your Money: Estate Sales. Lots of news from the coast and more starting today from the air and in California.

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