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Advertising – How Times Have Changed, Even For Estate Sales










Visiting the Neon Museum in Las Vegas this past weekend had me thinking about advertising and how times have changed. Neon was used for everything in Las Vegas from casinos, resorts, wedding chapels, dry cleaners, restaurants, and even to showcasing big name entertainers. It is considered an art form and the Morse Museum (known for it’s Tiffany collection) is now gathering vintage neon from the greater Orlando area.

In the late 1800’s it was typical to present a card, use newspapers (most cities and large towns had at least two) and as the primary source of news published a morning and evening edition.

As we entered the 20th century newspapers were joined by billboards, electric sign (bulbs or neon), and magazines.

Estate sales that were in their infancy in the early 1960’s mainly used newspapers and on the days of the sales tacked up cardboard or poster board signs on telephone poles.

As we entered the 21st century the internet became a large part of advertising. Estate sale listing websites were created (originally just for estate sales), however, they now offer auctions, online auctions, off site sales, private sales, business liquidations, newsletters, email lists, and the possibilities keep growing as the opportunity to increase income and profits keeps programmers working at these advertising websites creating at a fever pitch to add more ways to attract buyers and estate sale companies, auction companies, consignment shops etc. advertising with them.

Email list services also exist such as Constant Contact along with many of the estate sale listing websites (as part of the package a company pays for).  Estate sales companies can have their buyers sign up and send out an email blast once a week for sales taking place.

Facebook (and the ability to pay Facebook to boost visibility of sales and companies), Twitter, Pinterest (where you can create boards with photos of merchandise at your sales), and of course Google Adwords (a pay per click) method of advertising. This is mostly used by the large estate sale listing websites.

Many estate liquidators have magnetic signs on their vehicles. They also have professional yard signs (where permitted).

Hundreds of estate sale companies have started offering video tours prior to the sale and give a video commentary of what will be for sale.

Most estate sale companies also have printed brochures to pass out to perspective sellers that visit their sales along with business cards in various sizes, some are even magnetic for a refrigerator. They also advertise on line with YP (formerly called the yellow pages in book form).

Some estate sale companies still use newspapers especially in small, more rural communities where not everyone is connected to the internet.

Advertising has come a long way in the last 100 plus years and there doesn’t appear to be any sign of it slowing down. Getting your message out and the news about your sales is challenging with so many venues to choose from, but it all affects the sellers and the estate sale companies financial bottom line.


Vintage Neon Collection – A Walk Through Time

Neon SlipperEstate Sales News visited the Neon Museum in Las Vegas, NV.  If you are a fan of vintage neon signs this is a must visit. The museum has rescued and obtained many of the old neon signs that were the highlights of the Las Vegas strip and Freemont Street in downtown Las Vegas, NV. They have been restoring many of the smaller signs and returning them in working order to various areas around Las Vegas.

The neon slipper was in front of the Silver Slipper Gambling Hall. The story goes that Howard Hughes, who lived in Las Vegas for a time was staying across from the Silver Slipper and the bright lights from the sign at night disturbed the eccentric Howard Hughes and he arranged to have it removed. The Neon Museum has restored it and placed it outside of the front of the museum. It is lit every evening. What’s old is new again. The slogan of many estate sales.

The signs have been obtained from casinos, hotels, motels, wedding chapels, mobile parks, and more. This is the largest collection of vintage neon available for the public to see that Estate Sales News knows of. It is in a desert park like setting and the museum takes you on a guided walking tour. Reservations are required as tours are limited in numbers because of the walking area.

Vintage takes many forms and we hope you will enjoy this tour of vintage Las Vegas signage.

Sahara CasinoNeon motel sign






Neon shirt Stardus






Clark InnNeon man






girlneon duck








Click here to visit the Neon Museum website.   link to their Facebook page