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Pay Out After The Estate Sale – When Something Goes Wrong What To Do

Estate Sales News hopes you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Almost two weeks ago we received an alert that had an investigative reporter looking into an estate sale company that had several sellers that had not been paid. As this matter is still being investigated we will not divulge the name of the reporter, TV station or the name of the estate sale company, however, we want to pass along what we know has happened up to now.

The newsman had been contacted by several families and individuals that claimed this estate sale company had not paid them for the estate sale. The reporter after reviewing documents provided by these families went to an estate sale being run by this company and confronted the company owner on camera about the people who said they had not been paid. The owner said that “most” had been paid, however, some had consigned personal property which sold for very little and the gentleman claimed after taking the commission owed, nothing was left.

Estate Sales News spoke in depth with the television reporter and asked to have the families contact us and also asked the reporter to send us copies of any paperwork in his possession with the families permission. So far this has not happened.

When we received the alert we immediately called EstateSales.NET and EstateSales.org where this company was listed to alert them to the problem.

At this time we understand that this company has paid some individuals, but we are still waiting on further news in this case.

What we have learned up to now is that if you have an estate sale company that fails to pay you after the sale (and 99% of the estate sale companies across this country are reputable, honest companies who serve their clients expertly, and have integrity) you should contact your local attorney general, a TV news investigative reporter, the Better Business Bureau, and any estate sale listing site that the company or your estate sale may have been featured on. You will need to provide them with information that they can follow up on, but this gives them the opportunity to remove the estate sale company from advertising on their website.

Performing your due diligence in speaking with prior clients of an estate sale company cannot be stressed enough.