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Estate Sale Signage

Estate Sale signMore and more municipalities are requiring professional signs for estate sales, however, this has brought about an unexpected issue, the theft of these signs.

Let’s discuss estate sale signage and what an professional liquidator needs to know and consider.

It is very important to contact the city or town you are going to conduct an estate liquidation in to find out if they will permit signs, what type of signs, and if they charge a permit fee. Yes a permit fee. Estate Sales News knows of an incident where the city didn’t use to charge a sign permit fee and then as hard times began decided to do so. An estate sale company did not check with the town about the signage requirements and the result was the signs were picked up and the estate sale company owner was notified that they had a date to be in court to pay the fine for the signs. This particular fine was just under $3,000.00. It was determined by the number of signs times the per sign fine. Fortunately when the estate liquidator went to court the judge lowered the fine, but it still cost the company almost $800 and the signs were not returned. An expensive lesson.

Whether you are new in the business or have been doing this for years, it is important to call the town clerk (or similar) and ascertain what if any permits and their fees may be required. It is also a good practice to have the seller do the same. That keeps everyone involved on the same page. In some cases the town may only issue the permit to the seller. It should also be included in your estate sale contract who is responsible for obtaining and paying for the permits.

That’s a reminder too, that estate sale contracts should have places for the seller(s) initials in important areas such as permits, any fees, commission, removal of items after signing of the contract etc. We will visit this topic more at another time.

As the estate sale professional be sure to know the requirements of the city or town to eliminate one more possible stressful events for you and the seller(s).