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Estate Sale Costs – What am I paying an estate sale company for?

Estate Sales News frequently encounters people considering having an estate sale and asking that question.

When you hire an estate sale company you should be hiring a professional liquidator. A company with an experienced owner and staff, knowledgeable and reputable . An estate sale professional should know how and where to research items, how to promote and advertise your sale. Are their staff trained and do they work with them on a regular basis should be considered. A question to be asked is where do you get your audience from? Do they have followers from the Internet, newspapers or email sign-ups.

Whether you are paying a commission or a fee you should be getting an estate sale company that is worth what you are being charged. In many places across the United States the competition for estate sales has become a competition in who can charge the least or to put it bluntly the cheapest. This begs the question if they are cutting their commission or fee to the bone what else are they cutting? Are they understaffed to save costs, will your sale be poorly advertised, are they using untrained or inexperienced staff?

Conducting an estate sale properly is a profession and requires professionals. You should not ever choose the company based on just the commission or fee charged.