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Reputable Estate Sale Companies Choose Wisely

There are thousands of reputable estate sale companies, but sellers must choose wisely and with knowledge.

Recently a reputable estate sale company was contacted by sellers who had contracted with another estate sale company to run their estate sale. With less than a week to the dates of the sale, the estate sale company hired by the sellers notified them that they were not going to conduct their estate sale because a better sale had come along.

Here at estate sales news we have many articles and a printable list to assist and help sellers, heirs and attorneys with their decisions. Click here for a printable list.

Choosing an experienced estate liquidation company, with a good verifiable reputation is paramount to deciding on the right company. Reviews on the internet, speaking with past sellers, recommendations from former clients, and perhaps a visit to a current sale are all good ways to help you find the estate sale company to handle your sale.

Look at their advertising, memberships (not always necessary) and ask how they became estate liquidators. Question how long they have been in business and be sure to ask about their staff and experience. You are looking for knowledgeable, experienced individuals.

Ask about how they setup and price. What kind of research do they do. If needed do they have specialists they can seek out information from.

When you sit down to review their contract ask questions. This is a contract. Ask what repercussions could take place if either party fails to meet the the contract’s conditions and clauses.

There are 16,000 plus estate sale companies and the majority are hardworking honest people who do their jobs well and represent this profession in the highest manner possible.

Do your due diligence and remember that you can make a wise choosing an estate sale company.

Where To Find Estate Sale Companies & What They Require – American Society of Estate Liquidators -ASEL

Today we feature the response from ASEL – The American Society of Estate Liquidators with owner and director Julie Hall. Ms. Hall started her program which includes online education and membership in 2000.


What do you require for a company to do to become a liquidator?

They may take our comprehensive courses or if they already have estate sales experience they can apply for one of three levels of membership we offer.

Do you allow a company to join your association or society without taking courses?

Yes, provided they meet certain criteria. We have comprehensive applications for each one of three levels of membership.

What type of background checks do you perform on a current estate sale company that joins your group?

Applications are reviewed and references are checked.

Do you or a staff member personally speak to past sellers?


If a seller contacts you about an estate sale company that is associated with you what steps do you take?

Listen to the client and document, then contact the liquidator. Listen to the liquidator and document, then recommend a mutually beneficial resolution.

What are you able to do with a company that is found unethical or allegedly committing illegally acts at an estate sale i.e. failure to pay or account etc. ?

It is our policy to terminate the membership of any member that is found to have committed an unethical or illegal act in conjunction with a sale.

Do you charge for membership? We do “not” want to know the amount.