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Valentines Day Is In 18 Days. Buy A Special Gift At Estate Sales

It’s that time of year that so many of us look for a unique or special gift for partners or the loved ones in our lives.

Flowers, candy, dinners out are wonderful, however, they are short lived. A hand picked unique gift or personal item that can be used or kept will provide joy and memories long after flowers are put out, candy and dinners are eaten.

Here are some ideas from estate sales taking place across the country this week.

You can find these items and thousands more at Estatesale.com, EstateSales.org and EstateSales.Net. Each estate sale advertising website offers a variety of estate sale companies and provides information about the dates and times of the sale, terms and conditions, what is for sale, and addresses published when it is sale time. Please let the estate sale companies you visit know you read EstateSalesNews.com. Spread the word about our free resource and be sure to sign up for your free subscription to all our past, current, and future articles.




















Gold and Silver – The rise and fall – How it affects your estate sale.

goldIn October of 2012 gold was selling at $1792.52 a troy oz. Today it is selling at $1244.29. A big change. Estate Sales companies need to stay up to date with gold and silver. There are many websites and phone numbers they can call when pricing your gold and silver for an estate sale. Of course, if you are talking about gold from Tiffany, Harry Winston or some other designer manufacturer that will influence the value greatly.

It is very important when choosing an estate sale company that you inquire if they can weigh your gold or silver, how or where they research value and design and if they can test unmarked gold for 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, 22kt or 24kt. If it is European gold it could even be 7kt. gold. A professional estate liquidator should be knowledgeable in all these areas and if not should have an expert to assist. Remember asking is your responsibility and it should be up to them to respond. If in doubt perhaps you should interview another company. It is your financial bottom line.

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