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Why Choose Estate Sales News For Your Estate Sale Information?

information iconEstate Sales have become prolific across the United States. Just look at the number of estate sale listing sites. Over 5,000 estate sale companies are now listed with over 6 websites for estate sale companies to list on.

Estate Sales News is the online estate sale news magazine covering the estate liquidation business, providing estate liquidation information and reporting on newsworthy estate sales. . We are not affiliated with an estate sale company. We aren’t looking to list your estate sale. We provide free, unbiased information to help you become an informed consumer either as a seller or buyer. Knowledge is empowerment and helps you make successful decisions.

Our articles are also geared at assisting estate sale companies as well. With such growth in what was once a very small industry estate sale companies need help to be the number one choice in their area.

Estate Sales News goal is to help an industry that has little to no regulation.  A business where some may take advantage of those who are not knowledgeable and new upcoming estate sale companies and even those who have experience may not utilize all the current marketing tools available. We want to help you be a successful company and provide successful results for your client and achieve good reviews from sellers and buyers for you.

We do not conduct estate sales so our agenda is about helping you.  With 25 plus years experience as an estate liquidator we are here to assist with advice in picking an estate sale company, buying at an estate sale with knowledge and etiquette and providing useful information to estate sale companies about how to get their sales the most public attention possible through various marketing methods.

Here on Estate Sales News you’ll learn about the ethics an estate sale company should have, how the process works, interviewing and choosing an estate sale company, what should be in an estate sale contract, staging a liquidation sale, how the sale can be advertised, handling crowds before and during the estate sale and the list goes on.

Please email your questions or comments to carol@estatesalesnews.com.

Carol Madden,


Estate Sale Set-Up, Staging, What To Expect

setting up the saleEvery estate sale company works differently, but make sure when you are signing the contract with the estate sale company you have chosen that you have discussed when the company will be coming to work in the property. Some estate liquidators include that in in their contract.

Most estate sales can be staged in 4-5 days, however, it depends on how much there is, the sorting to be done, research needed (if any) and the type of items to be sold.

Estate Sales News has visited some sales this year that required 3 weeks or more. Chef Carl’s Sale – The Pizza Gourmet for example.

It is especially important if you are working with an estate sale company that conducts more than one sale at a time. If everyone is aware of the time frame it helps to keep all parties satisfied and informed.

If you are still living in the property be sure you discuss the process thoroughly with your estate liquidator. The less stress for you and all concerned the better.

Most companies will come with a variety of supplies for the set-up and we will cover that later this week.

And one more thing. Don’t throw anything out! Let the estate sale company sort thorough to see what can be sold. You may be pleasantly surprised.