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White Star Line Plate – Rare 2nd Class Plate From RMS Olympic

IMG_2478I wanted to share with you one of my most treasured possessions. I have been interested in RMS Titanic and steamships for most of my life and about 25 years ago I happened across this plate for sale. A White Star Line 2nd class plate with a special heritage.

The plate is not from RMS Titanic, but I was told it was taken from her sister ship RMS Olympic which was in service from 1911 until 1935 by a family who traveled aboard her to the United States. She was slightly smaller than Titanic, but enjoyed a long life on the sea.

RMS Olympic was identical to Titanic except for her slightly smaller size and celebrities and the wealthy were eager to travel on her despite the unfortunate sinking of RMS Titanic.

She served the British during WWI and returned to ocean crossings at the end of the war. When White Star Lines and Cunard merged in 1934 she was eventually retired to make way for newer ships like the RMS Queen Mary and RMS Queen Elizabeth. She was sold and the demolition of her super structure helped to provide employment in the depressed region of Southampton. She also had a grand staircase like Titanic. Her other sister ship RMS Britannic sank in 1916 after an explosion in the Agean Sea.

Ships in the early 1900’s featured three classes, first, second, and steerage. This plate is a second class plate.

At the time that RMS Olympic was demolished she had completed 257 round trips of the Atlantic, carrying 430,000 passengers on commercial voyages having traveled 1.8 million miles.