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Surveillance Cameras For Estate Sales – An Expert’s Perspective

Estate Sales News has been traveling the country visiting estate sales. Theft prevention at estate sales has become paramount and many of the estate sales we have visited are now using surveillance cameras.

This in article is an in depth look at video surveillance systems for estate sales was written by an expert in the field, P.D. Kaltenbach, Senior Television Broadcast Engineer.

These are several things that need to be considered when reviewing the purchase of a camera monitoring system, especially as they relate to estate sales:

  • Camera count vs. system cost.
  • Pre-configured systems vs. the DIY approach.
  • Wired or wireless cameras, it’s all about ease of set-up.
  • Camera and Display resolution – If you can’t see the details what is the point?

Let’s take a look at he issues in order of importance.

Item A.) The first thing to consider is how many cameras you will need.  If you haven’t worked with these systems before take a little time to look around the next time you are at home or at an estate sale. Ask yourself how many places would you have to stand while looking straight ahead in order to see the things you consider important. That’s a good first cut at establishing camera counts, and while it sounds simplistic you will be surprised at how quickly the numbers rise. As a rough estimate of system cost you can expect to pay $160 to $250 times the number of cameras in a system depending upon technical features that are provided.

There is an alternate approach that allows you to ease into the project in a less costly yet well informed manner; start with a few cameras but make sure the overall system allows room for expansion simply by adding more cameras. Not all systems will have this capability, so look closely before purchase.

Item B.) Looking around the web you will find a number of cameras and software applications that fall into the Do-It-Yourself category. While they make for a great way to watch the front door or the dog sleeping they really are not a good choice when you need more that a few cameras. Prominent among the downsides is that they are not cost competitive as the number of cameras rise while at the same time the system you end up with lacks the features of a real surveillance system. Even more important is that you yourself have to work out system configuration and integration. Do you really want to sit down working out IP addresses in order to get the cameras working or do you want to concentrate on your real business?