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Moving And Need An Estate Sale, Tag Sale Or Event? What’s Next?

Estate Sales News included all these different terms for estate sales because they apply depending on your location in the United States.

If you are moving or downsizing and not taking most of your belongings with you there are some important steps to follow.

Decide what you want or will need where you are going. Pack those items and if possible arrange to store them in a storage facility, with a friend or in one room of the property that can be securely closed off.

Once your personal items are packed away it is time to find your estate sale company or estate liquidator. Following guidelines provided here on EstateSalesNews.com (for choosing your estate liquidator) when you show your chosen company through they will be seeing the items to be sold. Estate sale companies have to make decisions about excepting or passing on a sale based on the amount and type of items to be sold to see how that will affect there balance sheet. They have a variety of costs including monthly exposure (internet), advertising, staffing, etc. to consider.

A word of advice to sellers.  Please don’t feel it’s personal if a an estate sale company turns you down. They are a business and make business decisions. These may be personal items to you, but for them it is whether they can make a profit to provide for their families and themselves.

A topic that has been an on going problem for many estate sale companies and sellers is when the seller(s)s decide after an estate sale company has gone through the property, prepped all the items to be sold and priced and the seller decides they want to take some of those item(s) with them. Sellers your job is to look carefully and thoroughly through everything ahead of asking a liquidator to come to your property and remove any possible items you may want. You can always change your mind and give them to the estate sale company to sell, but removing anything that was to be included in the sale and priced is not good business. Many estate sale companies have a paragraph in the contract allowing for the charging of a commission on items that were to be in the sale and removed. The commission is usually based on what the item would have sold for on the opening day of the sale.

When you are moving or downsizing take your time and go room to room and if necessary box to box in the attic or basement and choose what items you will be taking with you and leave the rest for the estate sale company. Don’t throw anything out. Let your chosen professional make that determination. If you have done your due diligence, made the best choice possible and have trust and confidence in your estate liquidator let the estate sale or event commence.

Is It An Estate Sale, Moving Sale, or Tag Sale?

questions and answersThe term estate sale has become very generic for any kind of liquidation involving personal contents.

There are differences although the lines have become somewhat blurred. . An estate sale is for a deceased person and that usually means that everything in the estate sale must be sold by the end of the sale. The estate heir(s), executors(s) or attorney usually want the property cleaned out by the end of the sale.

A moving sale is usually required by sellers who are downsizing or relocating and may or may not sell all the items in the property and who may want to discuss some price minimums on some items.  This isn’t always the case, but may be.

A tag sale can be a moving sale or estate sale. In many parts of the country because the items for sale in the house are tagged they call it a tag sale.

So as we approach the third weekend of 2014 are you attending an estate sale, moving sale or tag sale? Keep in mind that the majority of liquidation companies have adopted the term estate sale not only for their sales, but as part of their company names. In 10 years times have changed and the manner in which liquidations take place keeps evolving.