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Estate Sale Companies Turning Negatives Into Positives

negativesMC900441322Listening to a variety of speakers at last weeks Estate Sale Conference in Memphis one theme that stood out was turning negatives into positives in a variety of situations.

Whether it is talking about the competition between estate sale companies or working in a home with issues keeping confident is paramount to successfully obtaining a sale, working a sale and producing the most successful results that can be obtained for that liquidation.

When meeting with a perspective seller stay clear about why you are the company to choose. Speak to what makes you the best choice, what you have done in the past and what you can do for the seller. Sellers do not want hear about your competitors they want to know what you have to offer. Negativity can result in a thanks but no thanks. Stay focused on your positives.

If you accept a home where the owner(s) were smokers explain to the person responsible for hiring you that you will have to clean and deodorize the property to the best of your ability. The same with pet smells. Let them know that it may lower some of the prices you may be able to obtain especially on upholstered furniture and any fabric items. Although you don’t want to advertise bargain prices etc. you can turn the negative around and say that some items in the sale will be a good buy. If you choose to do that you can further explain that consideration was given to the need for professional cleaning, or dry cleaning etc. Buyers appreciate honesty and consideration when purchasing items that are not “off the shelf ready”.

The key for both is to focus forward, remember your goals, and be confident. Sellers and buyers will appreciate both and financial success can be just in front of you.