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Cash, Check or Charge – what is accepted at the sale

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Twenty years ago most estate sales companies accepted cash or personal checks.

Since the industry has grown and evolved many companies no longer accept checks, but now accept charge cards. This is helpful on large ticket items especially, however, if the companies you are considering accept credit cards be sure to ask if you will be paying a percentage (usually between 1%-5%) of the amount charged that will be deducted from your proceeds of the sale. Some companies will only accept credit cards over a specific dollar amount. In any case you should inquire of settlement is done at the end of each day of the sale or just at the conclusion of the last day of the sale will you be paid immediately for any amounts charged. Also you may want to ask if there is a dispute on the payment who will be responsible for the resolution.

In some areas personal checks are no longer accepted. Again, check with your liquidator.