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Great Websites To Include Your Website On And Generate A Bigger Internet Presence Part 1

Thousands of estate sale companies are listed on websites that are primarily for listing estate sale companies and their estate sales, however, there are more sites where you can showcase your company.

Merchant Circle is a local directory where you can list your company and general information. You can use it to offer coupons, testimonials, blog, and more. Your Estate Sales News editor used this website for many years prior to selling her estate liquidation business.

Manta is another website that my estate sale company was listed on. It offers companies the opportunity to list their company, logo, and even include photos.

LinkedIn is an important website for estate sale company owners to publish your information, background, and connect with others in the estate liquidation industry and related industries.

Hotfrog was a website we discovered years ago and had a link to on our front page until we sold our business. It is a business search engine and another way to create a link for your company on the internet.

You can also use websites like YellowPages  (known as YP) and Kudzu (our estate liquidation business also use to be included on these website as well).

There are many more websites to connect to. Using these websites and others we haven’t even mentioned along with estate sale listing websites is just another way to improve your internet visibility and in turn reach a broader audience.

This is important to acquire buyers for your estate sales, sellers, and for sellers to find estate sale companies.

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Where You Advertise Estate Sales Is Very Important -Here’s Why

Estate Sales NewsThere are many websites on the internet specifically for advertising estate sales on. As you will read below when you start putting them on Craigs List and yard and garage sale sites, it can create a real problem with some buyers and bring you unwanted publicity. Before placing your ads ask yourself what is that doing to your estate sale and professionalism.

Every company wants to bring in the most buyers possible, but be careful what you ask for. A Google Alert from a site called Bubblews said ” Estate Sale Was A Bust”. The buyer found an estate sale listing on Craigs List. According to the buyer the ad said 50 years of stuff among them crafts and glassware. She went on to say that when she got to the sale at 10AM she didn’t see any of the crafts or glassware and nothing antique, maybe collectible. She continued on that she really liked some of the china, however, the company would not separate the large collection. She also said that some of the dishes were “way too expensive for a garage sale” costing the full retail price and some there were “Walmart” quality pictures they wanted $35 for.

If you advertise an estate sale on sites like these remember who your buyers may be. This woman called it an estate sale, then a garage sale and compared it to Walmart.

Advertising your estate sales on the right websites is important. Bargain hunters are looking for bargains. An estate sale is not a garage or yard sale.

Avoiding repercussions like this can help you and the estate sale industry. Choose your advertising sites and media wisely and keep it professional for your sellers and your estate sale company.