Senator George McGovern’s Estate Sale

george-mcgovern-estate-saleThis recent article by Kristi Eaton of The Associated Press for the estate sale of Senator George McGovern’s estate serves as a good illustration on several topics.

One is the way that people obtain entrance into an estate sale. Many companies choose to use a sign up list, others rely on a number system and yet others just have you line up and stand in place until it is your turn to enter. Most companies that use a list or the number system will allow you to wait in a vehicle in front of or near the home. Standing in place can require determination and heartiness as this may be in freezing cold (as in this article) or pouring rain and in the summer sometimes-sweltering heat.

Also in this article is the limitation of people allowed into the home. Crowd control, safety and security are all concerns of professional personal property liquidators and to this end they must determine what their staff and the home can handle. Both sides require patience.

The other observation from this article is that you can obtain valuable items, memorabilia etc., at very reasonable prices at an estate sale, That also applies to furniture, jewelry, clothing, general household and almost any item in the sale. All depends on the company pricing the sale and the value set by those wanting to buy.