Estate Sales And House Tear Downs – Good Source For Materials

Our thanks to diginColorado for sharing this video. If you are currently looking to remodel or retro your home you may want to check out the 4 sales on EstateSales.Net. You might also want to look at, or

Tear Downs occur all across the country and it can be an excellent source for doors, windows, cabinets, counter tops, appliances, and many other things.

When Estate Sales News visited EstateSales.Net I had the opportunity to see the building dating from the 1800’s that Dan and Dot McQuade have renovated and restored. An article on that will be upcoming, however, it should be noted that Dan visited estate sales in several states over several years salvaging doors, cabinets, an old refrigerator and even a enamel 1920’s stove. There is no telling what you can do with some sweat equity and imagination.